Celebs to play DoylesRoom.com Bounty Tournament

Nikki Hilton

Mark down Feb. 27 on your calendar because DoylesRoom.com is hosting a bounty tournament you won't want to miss.

DoylesRoom.com is already well-known for its unique bounty structure but on Feb. 27 Nicky Hilton and Jamie-Lynn Sigler will be joining in on the fun.

Nicky doesn't make quite as many headlines as her older sister Paris but has been featured in her share of magazines and newspapers. A part-time model and clothing designer, Nicky has a way with cards. In 2006 she finished second in the Kevin Connelly/Nicky Hilton New Year's Eve Poker Tournament.

Sigler is an up-and-coming actress who you might recognize from the hit TV show The Sopranos, on which she played Meadow Soprano, Tony and Carmela's daughter. Her contributions to the series resulted in two SAG awards and two Young Star awards. Sigler is no stranger to the poker table either and has played at the Wynn in the past.

Joining the two celebrities will be a couple of Internet pros. Jim Campbell, aka POKERPRO33, and Alex Kamberis, aka AJKHoosier, will likely be incredibly hard to bust out, but as always the reward is high.

Every bounty player you knock out nets you $500 and if you knock out two you can earn $5,000. Ideally you knock out three and take down $25,000.

If you're just signing up with DoylesRoom.com you can actually get your first bounty tournament paid for, so now is the time to sign up. If you're curious check out our room review here.

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