Cake Poker Grabs WSOP Bracelet

WSOP Bracelet

Greatness usually has to be earned, but that didn’t stop Cake Poker from buying a piece of it last month.

The online poker room put in the winning bid of $4,006 on eBay to secure a gold WSOP bracelet up for auction that was originally won by T.J. Cloutier in 2005.

“This was actually done basically on a whim,” explained Cake Poker card room manager Lee Jones. “We talked about it and thought, ‘Wow this is kind of amazing. We could find something cool to do with it.’”

When Cake Poker bid on the bracelet they weren’t aware it belonged Cloutier and Jones confirmed they will return it to him when they are finished with it.

Although Jones and the group at Cake Poker are still deciding what exactly they will do with the bracelet, they’re already throwing around ideas involving photo shoots with the bracelet and taking turns wearing it to home games.

Jones did mention they will treat the bracelet with respect.

“We’re still not sure exactly what we are going to do with it but we certainly understand a bracelet’s place and we’re not going to do anything inappropriate with it,” he said.

Cake Poker has been active lately with redesigned software, a new blog and a larger presence at tournaments like the recent Aussie Millions.

“We’re getting more mainstream players on Cake so we’ve tried to amp up our satellite offerings,” said Jones.

One Cake Poker qualifier, Steven “ringboy69” Silva, finished in 31st place earning $27,689 at this year’s Aussie Millions.

Cake Poker is now running qualifiers for the Irish Open and Jones mentioned he’s expecting an even bigger Cake presence there.

For more information on Cake Poker visit the website here.


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