bwin releases preliminary 2007 results

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Fourth-quarter poker revenues were up at bwin Interactive Entertainment AG, operator of bwin poker, according to the preliminary results for 2007 that the company released today.

The company's fourth-quarter gross gaming revenues rose by 24.9% to €102.3 million in 2007, the majority of which came from sports betting, with poker bringing in the second-highest results for bwin.

From bwin poker, the company saw fourth-quarter revenues up 26.7% from the same quarter in 2006, bringing in €21.8 million. According to a bwin press release, this places the company among Europe's largest poker providers.

Poker revenue also rose for the year overall, climbing from €59.4 million in 2006 to €82.3 million in 2007.

"Within the online poker market, bwin today is not only one of the leading B2C providers (business to consumer), but also one of the largest B2B providers (business to business)," said the company in its report.


Despite excluding customers from the United States and Turkey in 2006, bwin saw a rise in the number of active poker customers as well. In the fourth quarter of 2006, bwin poker had 198,199 active customers, compared to 244,230 in the 2007 fourth quarter.

The detailed results of the 2007 fourth quarter and the full year are scheduled to be released April 17. The full report for 2007 will then be available online April 24.

The preliminary release indicates that bwin has managed to weather losing its U.S. customers after the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed in the United States.

While its overall numbers are a little lower from the previous year, bwin is still seeing growth from its other customer bases to make up for the loss.

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