Brunson vs. Antonius match in the works

Doyle Brunson

Patrik Antonius has thrown down the gauntlet, and it looks like Doyle Brunson may be up for the challenge.

In a recent magazine interview, Patrik Antonius issued a challenge to poker legend Doyle Brunson to play a heads-up match against each other. It appears Brunson is amenable.

In his blog Tuesday, Antonius said it seems like Brunson has accepted the challenge, and now his agent is working to get the match televised.

"I will try and talk to Doyle and iron out the details. No matter who wins, it will be an amazing experience playing Doyle, one of the great legends of all time, heads up for over a million dollars," Antonius wrote. "I am getting excited just thinking about it."

Brunson, who has his own online poker site at, also brought up the challenge in his latest blog entry.

"It is amazing how things can be taken out of context," Brunson says in the blog. "I saw in Cardplayer Magazine where Patrik Antonius said that someone told him Doyle Brunson said he would swim a river to play Patrik. I don't remember exactly. I could have said I would swim a river to play the Internet stars in a real cash game. I certainly never used Patrik's name but he made a challenge to play me any game for any amount."

Brunson doesn't normally bite on heads-up challenges because even though he thinks he can play two-handed very well, it doesn't make sense when "you can get softer players in a full game."


Patrik Antonius
Patrik Antonius

Brunson said he also wouldn't have singled out Antonius to play heads-up on his own because he's a tough player. Antonius is one of the Internet pros who Brunson says would have thrived in the old days because he has the style, love of poker, instinct and game mentality it takes to compete in high-stakes games.

"I really like Patrik and I think he is a great player, but he cast the gauntlet and I'm prepared to do battle. So, I accept his challenge," Brunson says in his blog.

However, Antonius may not know what he got himself into by saying he'll play Brunson any game for any amount.

"Ive got seven to ten different games, all of which I've played in Las Vegas casinos for high stakes, that I'm willing to commit to for at least a seven-figure match," Brunson writes. "There will be no animosity between us; we are both pros who love a good gamble. It will be interesting if he accepts, and I'm sure we will both have a great time playing."

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