Brits Flock to Online Poker in Bad Weather

London snow

It appears that bad weather in the U.K. is convincing Brits to hit the virtual poker tables.

London is currently experiencing some of its worst weather in years and much of the U.K. remains gripped by snow and freezing conditions.

However, Betfair Poker has reported a 20% increase in U.K. player activity on the site since the bad weather rolled in and the site is crediting the conditions for its recent popularity.

With much of the population forced to stay home from work and several sporting events cancelled, Betfair says players are flocking to the virtual felt.

Fellow U.K.-based operator William Hill Poker has also reported surging traffic over the last week.

As a result, Betfair has even gone so far as to call the bad weather the “Snow Show” and is offering a few value-added tournaments.

Players will see a $1,000 “Big Freeze” freeroll in the lobby along with a $1 buy-in $200-added “Snowball Fight" and a $5 buy-in $200-added “Ice Ice Baby” event.

The boost in traffic may not last much longer as forecasters are predicting temperatures in the U.K. will start to rise above freezing early next week.

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