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Roy Brindley

Roy "The Boy" Brindley was the man at the Poker Masters of Europe on Sunday, scooping the winner's trophy following a marathon heads-up session.

Brindley took down Swedish pro William Thorson - not to mention a starlit playing field that included Ram Vaswami, Tony G, Juha Helppi and Rolande de Wolfe - to win the tournament and its $120,000 first-place prize.

Europe's top players were no match for The Boy, as he locked down a lead and kept a tight grip on his chips for the majority of the final table.

Betfair Poker online qualifiers Steve Cordy and Richard Collier were the first to go, with Hendon Mobster Ram Vaswani hot on their heels.

Despite a promise to donate his winnings to charity, Tony G's karma wasn't good enough for a tournament win. He went home in third place and honored his commitment by splitting the $36,000 prize between The Prince's Trust and Bedu Turgus, a Lithuanian charity for people living in extreme poverty.

With the field narrowed to Brindley and Thorson, heads-up play got underway and didn't stop until two hours later when the Swede went all in with K-J, only to be bested by The Boy's A-7 for two pair.

Final table results are as follows:

1stRoy BrindleyIreland$120,000
2nd William Thorson Sweden$70,000
3rd Antanas "Tony G" Guoga Lithuania$36,000
4th Richard Collier England$30,000
5th Ram Vaswani England$25,000
6th Steve Cordy Wales$19,000

The Poker Masters of Europe will be broadcast on SKY Sports starting May 29.

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