Brian Roberts Knocks G4 for 2M2MM Production

Brian Roberts
Roberts finished fourth last week at the WSOP Europe main event for over $534,000.

Brian Roberts co-starred in the poker reality show 2 Months 2 Million but feels that G4 TV doomed the project by failing to give it the financial backing it needed.

“It was hugely net-positive for me,” Roberts said of his experience on 2M2MM.

“If I have any regrets they stem from the fact that we didn’t get picked up for a second season,” he told in Cannes earlier this week during the WSOPE main event final table.

“I can blame the production or I can blame my performance, I can blame the choice to go with G4 as a network and the fact that they were incredibly cheap and scared to death of doing original programming that actually cost something.

“They were so scared of making a TV show that cost anything that I think it hurt us and hurt our chances of building a fan base and securing a second season,” he added.

Ten episodes of the series aired in 2009, covering Brian Roberts and three other pro poker players living together in a house in Las Vegas. The goal was to earn $2 million between them playing online poker.

While they ultimately fell short of that number, they did post over $676,000 in profits during their time shooting. That works out to over $84,000 per person, per month.

G4 switched the show’s time slot mid-season, from Sunday night to Wednesday, and failed to renew it for a second season after the finale aired in October of 2009.

“I wanted to make a second season so much because with everything we learned shooting and putting together the first season, we would have come up with a product that was exponentially better,” Roberts said.

Roberts said that he would be happy to be involved in another 2M2MM season, but that while he does see potential, it’s not something he’s currently pushing for.

“I’m a lazy poker player,” said Roberts. “I’m not shopping it and I’m certainly not going to pay to have it made.”

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