Bodog seeks U.K. license

Calvin Ayre
Calvin Ayre living the Bodog lifestyle.

Bodog Entertainment has taken steps to apply for an operating license in the United Kingdom, according to the U.K. Guardian.

Bodog has been working on expanding its European operations, including Bodog Poker, as well as expanding into Asian markets. It is one of the few major Internet gambling operations seeking a license in the United Kingdom.

According to the Guardian, many poker groups are boycotting the U.K. regulatory scheme because of the nation's 15% remote gaming tax imposed last year.

Bodog is also one of the few major sites that accepts bets from U.S. customers still. While some allege taking those bets is illegal, Calvin Ayre had a different take on the situation.

"We have licenses from sovereign governments to do what we do," Ayre said in the Guardian. "That's how it works on every other industry on the planet."

He admitted that Bodog takes U.S. customers but said the company doesn't "operate" in the United States.

The Bodog application for a license in the United Kingdom is still pending. To receive a remote casino and general betting license, the online gambling site must pass a fit and proper operator test.

Ayre told the Guardian, the U.K. licenses wouldn't necessarily be used by Bodog to take British bets. Bodog already has an Antiguan license, which it is using to establish its business in Europe.

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