Bodog Poker Open kicks off tomorrow

David Williams

The wait is just about over for the inaugural Bodog Poker Open.

The inaugural Bodog Poker Open, which starts tomorrow, promises to be a fresh addition to the world of prestigious online poker series.

Bodog will be kicking some extra cash into every event to entice players to join the action, so it's sure to be one of the best values in online poker this year.

The BPO will be comprised of five preliminary events (each one will have $10,000 added) all leading up to a main event. The main event will have an astounding $25,000 added by Bodog in addition to an Omega Speed Master Watch valued at $4,400.

Tomorrow will see a winner crowned in Event 1: No-Limit Hold'em with a $250+$20 buy-in. The winning player will also be able to claim the very first BPO title ever awarded.

If you want to play in Event 1 but don't want to buy-in directly then take heart - there are numerous satellite options, so players with varying bankrolls have a shot at some of that sweet Bodog Open money.

This entire week will be devoted to poker at Bodog with Short-Handed, Re-Buy and Pot-Limit variants of Hold'em held every day. It's all leading up to the main event which will take place on Sunday and cap off the inaugural BPO.

To learn more about Bodog's online poker room click here.

The complete event schedule is as follows:

Date Event Format Buy-in Added
March 3 No. 1 No-Limit $250+$20 $10,000
March 4 No. 2 No-Limit 6-Handed $300+$25 $10,000
March 5 No. 3 Re-buy $100+$10 $10,000
March 6 No. 4 Pot-Limit $200+$15 $10,000
March 7 No. 5 Limit $150+$10 $10,000
March 9 No. 6 Main Event (No-Limit) $470+$30 $25,000

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