Bodog Entertainment adjusts during dispute

Calvin Ayre
Calvin Ayre

Yes, Bodog Entertainment is going through some legal issues right now, but that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy everything the company has to offer - you just won't find it at the usual

The company announced today that all of the different branches of Bodog Entertainment have been moved to new sites temporarily in order for customers to continue to take advantage of the full spectrum of features available through them.

The changes are as follows:

Branch New Location
Bodog Poker
Bodog Entertainment
Bodog Music
Bodog TV
Bodog Battle
Bodog Fight
Calvin Ayre Foundation

"Bottom line: Customers can enjoy everything that Bodog Entertainment has to offer right now," the company says in a press release. "Everything they see will be the same as what they are used to, and Bodog will resolve any minor glitches shortly."

Bodog's sites were down earlier this week apparently due to a $48.6-million default judgment obtained by a Las Vegas company against Bodog in a patent infringement case.

The case was brought against Bodog by 1st Technology LLC which claims the downloaded software used by Bodog customers for gaming violates patents held by the company. For some reason, Bodog didn't respond to the case, and 1st Technology LLC was awarded a default judgment.

Speculation is that Mel Molnick, CEO of the Home Gambling Network of Nevada, is behind the lawsuit. In the past he has had disputes with Ladbrokes and other online betting sites because he claims to have a patent on the method which online casinos use to run their businesses.

"We are fighting this dispute and are confident that we will win. In the meantime, other than the change in URLs, it is business as usual," said Calvin Ayre, Bodog Entertainment founder and CEO.

"In less than 24 hours we were able to adjust to the situation and limit interruption [of] our customers' enjoyment of Bodog Entertainment."

As of this morning, nearly all aspects of these Web sites have been updated to reflect the environment clients are accustomed to at Bodog Entertainment.

Bodog Entertainment said it will continue to provide updates about the situation as information becomes available.

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