Run (Good) Forrest Run! - RGC: WSOP Edition

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22 May 2009
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The race is on

We're just two days away from the second and final event of the Run-Good Challenge: WSOP Edition.

This week the prize pool has doubled with two juicy $1,500 seats up for grabs. Last Saturday it was the Poker Grump in the winner's circle, all by his lonesome.

This time around there will be room for two in said circle and we're hoping they both follow in Grump's footsteps by pledging to use their winnings to enter a WSOP event.

We've added a few new names to the roster but there's still time to get involved if you're a poker blogger hungry for free money and the ego-boost that goes with it.

Holler at me on Twitter @mattshowell or leave me a comment below. My previous posts got lots of comments but, and I can't stress this enough, you MUST have a blog! Just having a screen name on PokerStars does not qualify you for this event.

Dan Skolovy and I will be trying to best our performance from the first event, which shouldn't be too difficult given we were the first and second ones out.

With the WSOP closing in fast this is a great way for bloggers to connect from the comfort of their homes before moving shop to Las Vegas for the summer.

The team is flying down next Tuesday to get ensconced before the action gets going. Make sure to keep an eye on the blog here and the WSOP 2009 section for all the action from the World Series of Poker.

The RGC event begins Saturday at 11 a.m. PDT so if you're on the grind stop by the tournament and say hi. You can find it under the Tourney/Private tab in the Stars lobby.

Showell out.

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DrunkBlonde 2009-05-23 22:20:00

Way to go Matt! Congrats on your win. See you in Vegas.

DrunkBlonde 2009-05-23 19:02:00

I'm ready for you guys today. I have a 12 pack of Budweiser in the fridge and I'm ready to win that WSOP seat!

I'll be blogging and tweeting in real time about the tourney today.

Thanks Poker Listings!

Vattghern 2009-05-23 17:27:00

Hello! Can i take part in this freeroll?
Please?sent me the password on
I also have my own blog!
I realy need it!Please, help!!!!!!!!!!!

Artem 2009-05-23 16:51:00

Hello! Can i take part in this freeroll?
Please?sent me the password on
I also have my own blog!

EinerFest 2009-05-23 16:24:00

I can participate of this freeroll?