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A tragic accident and a month-long coma at the age of 21 left Jason Holbrook without his sight.

But it hasn't stopped him from playing poker.

And now Holbrook, from Bakersfield, California, will be taking his poker game all the way to Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker Main Event, reports Fox News, winning his way in through a tournament satellite early last week.

Holbrook, they say, started playing poker when he was just five years old. And became quite a good player in his youth.

But in 1991, just before he turned 21, Jason was in a near-fatal accident, his head getting pinned under a truck, putting him into a coma.

When he miraculously woke up from the coma, he could no longer see.

But he still kept playing cards.

He now has a friend sit with him and whisper his hole cards in his ear, telling him what people are betting. He does the same for the flop, turn and river, but isn't allowed to express any opinions or give Holbrook any extra information.

It hasn't seemed to hamper his game at all: on Monday, Holbrook capitalized on an entry satellite at the Golden West Casino and won the $10,000 buy-in for the Main Event.

And Holbrook himself even says he feels his blindness is actually an advantage, allowing him to see tells other people can't.

For the full story and a video interview with Holbrook, visit the Eyewitness News site



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