Binion's to host dealer championship


They may be at every live poker tournament, but the dealers don't often get their chance to play for the big money. Binion's Gambling Hall and Hotel will give them a shot with their own tournament Sept. 25-29.

The 2007 World Poker Dealer Championships will have four events, all No-Limit Hold'em, for dealers and other representatives from public cardrooms from around the world. The event schedule is as follows:

  • Sept. 24: Registration, orientation and reception
  • Sept. 25: $550 Ladies Only Event begins at noon
  • Sept. 26: Ladies Event wraps up at 9 a.m. $1,100 Dealers Event begins at noon
  • Sept. 27: Dealers Event wraps up at 9 a.m. $1,700 Supervisors Event begins at noon
  • Sept. 28: Supervisors Event wraps up at 8 a.m. $2,200 Owners/Managers Event begins at noon
  • Sept. 29: Owners/Managers Event wraps up at 10 a.m. Celebration and awards luncheon begins at 2 p.m.

According to a press release, nearly all restrictions on sign-ups have been lifted to open the event up to more players.

For the dealers event, persons who have dealt in a public cardroom or have dealt as circuit dealers within the last 12 months are qualified to play.

For the owners and managers event, the owner must own at least a 5% stake in the cardroom, or if a Native American, must be a member of the tribal council. Shift managers also qualify to play in the event.

The event for supervisors includes all positions between dealers and shift managers plus marketing, security and cashier employees.

Women may play in the Ladies Only Event plus one other event in the schedule. Men may only choose one event to participate in.

The tournament will see 97% of the buy-in being awarded in prize money. The winners from each event will also receive an individual trophy as well as a trophy for their cardroom. Their names will also be engraved on a permanent trophy kept on display at Binion's.

More than 60 casinos and card room were represented in the 2006 Dealers Championship, as players from coast to coast came to play in three events.

The winners were Chris Schoolfield, from Rainbow Casino in Nevada; Eugene Shinozaki, from the Bicycle Casino in Californa; and Low Saetern, from Feather Falls Casino in California.

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