Betfair Poker sees $600,000 cash game

The Spoils of War

The high-stakes games at Betfair Poker just keep getting bigger. Today the site saw a cash game end with $600,000 at the table.

According to Betfair, the marathon $250/$500 No-Limit Hold'em ring game started shortly after midnight (GMT) and ended at 10 a.m. with the two players left at the table calling an end to the session.

"A stalemate between the final two players - 'operation' at $150,000 and 'SuckMyD' at $450,000 - to a final 'gg' and 'gn' (good game and good night) as the players decided to take some well-earned rest," said the poker site in a press release. "'Jandrew' and 'sinceroo' left the game earlier this morning."

The player who came away from the table a winner was SuckMyD, who has a Swedish IP address. He is estimated to have made $330,000 profit on the session.

150x84pokerwhiteshort.jpg"It's good work if you can handle the pressure," said Oliver Bowen, Betfair Poker spokesman. "Betfair is very popular with high-stakes poker players because our payment system is one of the best on the Web. When you are putting so much money at stake, you want to know that the site is secure, payments can be made quickly and the exchange rates are fair."

According to Betfair Poker, high-stakes players have also been attracted to the recent software improvements the site has made.

"Our software has come on leaps and bounds," Bowen said. "We have seen a strong increase in player numbers over the last few months and these high-stakes games give all the players some good entertainment."

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