Betfair player freerolls to $100K Guaranteed win


BlufDaddy did what some people might call the impossible on Sunday: he got something for nothing.

The Betfair Poker player won a series of two freerolls to earn a spot in the weekly $100k Guaranteed, and he turned that into a $30,000 win.

"BlufDaddy has made an infinite return on his investment," said Oliver Bowen, Betfair Poker spokesman. "Almost half of all the players in the Betfair $100k qualify via satellites and freerolls. This makes it a great-value tournament for poker players at all levels."

BlufDaddy defeated a 181-player field on Sunday to take down the win, and his winning hand came shortly after midnight against Skraldeba in heads-up play.


With blinds at $5,000/$10,000and a $1,000 ante, the players saw a flop for the minimum. Skraldeba's pot-sized bet with two pair was not enough to push BlufDaddy off his straight draw.

Once he hit his hand, BlufDaddy check-raised the turn only to be re-raised all-in. He called and won the hand with a deuce-to-six straight.

The final table played out as follows:

Place Name Prize
1st BlufDaddy $30,000
2nd Skraldeba $20,000
3rd stephank $11,900
4th il freddo $8,000
5th hesaidso $6,500
6th mrandreew $5,000
7th Sterretjee $3,500
8th navonod $2,600
9th rockme $1,700

Betfair Pokers' $100k Guaranteed tournament takes place every Sunday at 6:30 p.m. (GMT) with a $500+$55 buy-in.

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