Benyamine vs. Krantz: This time it's personal

David Benyamine

Things are usually quite civil at the highest stakes of online poker, considering the amount of cash being traded around, but it has become apparent that David Benyamine and Jay "pr1nnyraid" Rosenkrantz are playing for more than just cash when they face each other.

The war of words began last week when Rosenkrantz chewed Benyamine out for an alleged hit-and-run at $300/$600. Benyamine split in short order to go play with durrrr and the gang at RailHeaven (for more information click here).

Rosenkrantz also mentioned that he would never "quit" Benyamine at heads-up because it was too profitable.

Since then Benyamine's girlfriend, Erica Schoenberg, who happened to see Benyamine's chat dialogue that particular day, blogged about pr1nnyraid being young, arrogant and disrespectful. Schoenberg went on to write:

"I've seen this player a couple of times on the no limit tables, but never playing the other games so I imagine he's just the typical NL ***-clown. (You know the type - started playing in high school or college, probably after discovering poker through his Magic the Gathering friends.)"

Rosenkrantz responded in his own blog later that day, mentioning he's extremely qualified to talk about cash-game etiquette and going on to issue a challenge to Benyamine:

"Erica seems to have a lot of faith in DB and his ability to destroy my bankroll. I know that he's not that good at multi-tabling so I hereby challenge David to a match: 2 tables of 200-400 or 300-600 HU NL."

It's not known whether the exact terms were agreed to but much to the delight of high-stakes railbirds everywhere, the two online poker giants clashed late last night at $300/$600 with Krantz getting the best of it. Here's a closer look $235,798 pot that was shipped directly to Krantz (No word on what was said in the chat box):

Benyamine vs. pr1nnyraid

Game: 8257547279

Table: Murdock (Deep HU)

$300/$600 No-Limit Hold'em

Table Setup

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