Ben86 Hits $631k: Weekly Top 10 Online Winners/Losers

Benjamin Tollerene
Ben "Ben86" Tollerene

The second week of April belonged to the player they call Ben “Ben86” Tollerene on PokerStars.

Tollerene has always flown somewhat under the radar in the high-stakes games on PokerStars but he’s turning into a veritable monster this year.

Meanwhile some of even bigger name online pros like Ilari Sahamies and Patrik Antonius continue to plummet in the games on PokerStars.

As always check our online poker stats section for more information but what follows is a complete breakdown of the top 10 biggest winners and losers over the last week.

Top 10 Biggest Online Winners

It’s hard to ignore the terrific week that Ben “Ben86” Tollerene recorded on PokerStars.

In a week where many of the big name online players were locked out of the top 10 winners leaderboard, Tollerene utterly crushed it winning more than twice his closest competitor (Kanu7 with $274k).

Swiss PLO master Ronny “1-ronnyr3” Kaiser also had a successful week taking down a very sizable $261k. regular WCG|Rider made a rare appearance in the weekly top 10 by taking down $141k.

Speaking of rare appearances Neil “N Channing” Channing took some time off from winning live tournaments to take down a $110k profit on PokerStars this week.

Here’s a complete look at the top 10 biggest winners on PokerStars this week:

1. Ben “Ben86” Tollerene: +$631,000
2. Kanu7: +$274,000
3. Ronny “1-ronnyr3” Kaiser: +$261,000
4. Tsubi87: +$206,000
5. WCG|Rider: +$141,000
6. N Channing: +$110,000
7. Insyder19: +$104,000
8. IFiNishfish: +$96,000
9. SKTom84: +$92,000
10. Bucas: +$69,000

Ilari Sahamies
Ilari Sahamies

Top 10 Biggest Online Losers

Ilari “Ilari FIN” Sahamies continued his absolutely miserable 2012 by losing nearly $500k over the last week.

Sahamies showed some signs of life at the end of March but quickly got back to his losing ways this week.

The aggressive Finn is once again the biggest overall loser in the high stakes games this year with $823k in losses.

It’s looking more and more likely that Sahamies will have to replicate his miracle summer last year where he went from being down $1 million to up $1.8 million by the end of the year.

Meanwhile Ben “milkybarkid” Grundy, who has been very good this year, had an off week and dumped $187k on the high-stakes tables. But he’s still up close to a million on the year so he should be alright.

Other notable losers this week included the alleged Patrik Antonius account Fake Love888 (-$91k) and Isaac “philievy2694” Haxton (-$83k).

Here’s a complete look at the top 10 biggest online losers this week.

1. Ilari FIN: -$454,000
2. Ben “milkybarkid” Grundy: -$187,000
3. verve.oasis: -$119,000
4. Zypherin: -$110,000
5. EuroTr@sh1: -$106,000
6. L0ve2playU: -$105,000
7. 0Human0: -$100,000
8. Fake Love 888: -$91,000
9. philivey2694: -$83,000
10. Russ0618: -$70,388

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