Beers to you! Hellmuth on Milwaukee cans

Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth has been a busy man lately, crossing the country and heading to Canada as well for various projects and charity events. One stop was a little bit more personal for the Poker Brat, however.

After the Kentucky Derby and the charity event he hosted there earlier this month, Phil Hellmuth headed to his home state of Wisconsin where he was invited to tour the Milwaukee's Best plant.

The reason - the Miller Brewing Company was rolling out 12 million cans of Milwaukee's Best, Milwaukee's Best Light and Milwaukee's Best Ice with Helluth's face on them.

"As I walked the Miller Brewing Company factory line [May 6] in Milwaukee, a can of Milwaukee's Best Light was pulled off of the line and handed to me," Hellmuth wrote in his blog.

"It had my picture on it and my line 'If it weren't for luck I'd win 'em all!' The picture is clear: Me with a PH-logoed hat and a 'Poker Brat'-logoed shirt, and the line is in bold print."

Hellmuth wrote that he felt overwhelmed by the experience and compared it to winning a World Series of Poker bracelet.

"The feeling I had was really happy and powerful, and I guess that I'll have to watch my ego. If it was big before, now it may blow up!" he said.

Each version of the beer will feature a different picture and saying from Phil Hellmuth. Besides the cans that bear the slogan "If it weren't for luck I'd win 'em all!", others will feature Hellmuth's well-known line "I can dodge bullets, baby!"

Adding Hellmuth to the 12 million cans is just one more way Milwaukee's Best Light is supporting poker. The company is also the presenting sponsor of the World Series of Poker.

One might consider Hellmuth the king of the WSOP. He has accumulated 11 WSOP bracelets over the years, including winning the Main Event in 1989.

Hellmuth also holds the record for the most final-table cashes at the WSOP and was inducted into the WSOP Hall of Fame in 2007.

When he's not busy traveling the world and playing live poker, Hellmuth can be found at the virtual felt at UltimateBet.

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