Bankroll Examples for Texas Hold'em


Even the best players in the world go on downswings. If they did not practice such strict bankroll management, a downswing would wipe them out. Nobody wants to be broke, so always play within your bankroll.

The right amount for your bankroll varies from game to game.

If you are playing a Limit game you should have at least 300 big bets. So if you're playing $1/$2 Limit, your bankroll should be at least $600. For $5/$10 it should be $3,000.

For No-Limit games, your bankroll is counted in buy-ins instead of big bets. A good beginner bankroll for a given limit is 25 buy-ins. At $1/$2 that is $5,000. $200 is the max buy-in and $200 x 25 = $5,000.

If you play with any smaller a bankroll than suggested here, you risk going broke should you hit a downswing. Poker is a game largely dominated by short-term luck. Downswings are inevitable. Don't go broke - always maintain strict bankroll management.

Do not be afraid to move down. If you hit a losing patch and find yourself under the suggested 25 buy-in roll, move down in limits.

The beautiful thing about online poker is that there are hundreds of games going at any one time in many different limits. You should always be able to find a game that your bankroll permits you to play!

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