Antonius Works IHateJuice for $504k

Patrik Antonius
Patrik Antonius

Patrik Antonius utterly dominated rival IHateJuice for over $500k on Full Tilt last night.

Antonius and IHateJuice have been playing a series of $2,000/$4,000 Limit Hold’em matches for months now but the Finn seems to have developed a distinct advantage.

Last night the pair played 1,257 hands with Antonius raking several huge pots.

IHateJuice attempted to make a comeback near the end of their match but could only close the gap by about $50k.

When the session finally came to an end, IHateJuice asked Antonius several times to keep playing but the Finn finally called it quits after winning $504k.

It’s getting easy to criticize IHateJuice for having poor game selection as he’s played Antonius numerous times at $2k/$4k Limit with very little success.

This year alone, Antonius has raked more than $800k from IHateJuice.

With the victory the Finnish Team Full Tilt moved up to $1.7 million earned in 2010. Not his biggest year ever but still enough to make him the eighth biggest winner this year.

Gus Hansen also played well last night earning a total of $115k.

The Danish pro continues his relentless march to get even for the year and while he still finds himself $1.2 million in the hole, it’s a marked improvement from a month ago when he was down $3.6 million.

IHateJuice was by far the biggest loser last night dropping $515k. He had company, however, as luckexpress10 lost $382k and the recently active bemyguestbud dropped $109k.

Here are several hands from the Antonius and IHateJuice match. For more information check our online poker stats section.

IHateJuice gets his hooks in Patrik Antonius.


Patrik Antonius with the win.

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