Antonius Strikes Back with $193k Win

Patrik Antonius
Patrik Antonius

Patrik Antonius returned to his winning ways during another busy weekend on Full Tilt Poker.

Antonius played only 273 hands but still managed to crack his opponents for $193k.

The Finn resumed his rivalry with Gus Hansen playing a series of $300/$600 heads-up PLO Hi-Lo matches against the Great Dane.

Once again it was Antonius who got the better of his fellow Team Full Tilt Pro. From there he joined a 6-Max table of $300/$600 PLO against Hansen and online upstart XWINK. 

Antonius was essentially unstoppable at that table as well and flattened both Hansen and XWINK.

Antonius won the biggest pot of the night when he flopped a straight flush against XWINK, who had the misfortune of flopping an ace-high flush.

The money went in on the turn and Antonius raked in a $102k monster pot. Despite that hand, XWINK would recover most of his losses later on

Hansen, who was still reeling from last week, didn’t do himself any favors this weekend as he amassed $324k in losses.

The Danish pro played 804 hands but simply couldn’t get anything going against Antonius, XWINK and ronnyr37617.

Hansen has dropped like a rock since U.S. players vacated Full Tilt Poker and is now down to $2.5 million in profit. He was up to over $4 million in online poker profit in April.

Meanwhile Kagome Kagome (formerly IHateJuice) was on fire this weekend winning $186k in 402 hands.

It was a much-needed win for Kagome Kagome who has had a rough ride since switching his name on Full Tilt. He was down nearly $2 million heading into the weekend. 

Kagome Kagome and Patrik Antonius weren’t the only big winners this weekend as the lesser-known ZIsenamnn dominated PokerStars to win $189k.

Some of the other players to stack their way into the winning column were gavz101 (+$92k), slipped away (+$83k) and Seb86 (+$71k).

An interesting addition to the top 10 winner’s leaderboard this weekend was the always controversial Matt “ADZ124” Marafioti who won $54k.

Marafioti is up to $125k in profit this year and could be a serious problem for fellow nosebleed players if he gets a serious bankroll to work with.

On the losing side of the action this weekend were O Fortuna PLS (-$155k), GIAMPP (-$92k), altiFC (-$89k) and Joao Barbosa (-$85k).

For more information on the high stakes games this weekend be sure to check our online poker stats section.

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