Antonius Rocks Sahamies on the Comeback

Patrik Antonius, Ilari Sahamies
Battling Finns.

The Patrik Antonius comeback is well underway with a win against Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies on Full Tilt last night bringing his losses up to only $590k on the year.

To say Antonius has struggled to start this year would be an understatement. After the first month of the year he was down almost $2 million playing high stakes online and unable to make any progress until this month.

Since the first of April, he has absolutely crushed the 7-Game tables on Full Tilt, having made over $1.6 million in the last 27 days.

With the 7-Game action almost non-existent last night, Antonius turned to the nosebleed $500/$1,000 Pot-Limit Omaha tables to play Sahamies heads-up.

The match only lasted 30 minutes, but Antonius still managed to take Sahamies for $384,488. Out of the 88 hands dealt, three pots came in at over $100k, Antonius winning all three.

The largest pot of the day saw Antonius drag $251,995 after he spiked a full house on the river holding Aces and Queens.

Since Sahamies hand was mucked and unknown, it's possible Antonius was ahead with aces all along, but judging by the action, it's also reasonable to assume Antonius needed the queen on the river.

With last night's loss added to his totals, Sahamies has squandered almost all of his profit on the year, leaving himself up just $71k so far in 2010.

Down only $590k on the year now, Antonius may be just one session away from digging himself out of the hole. And one can only hope that will bring about an ending to the ever-going durrrr Challenge before the end of the year.

Below are the three largest pots between Antonius and Sahamies. For more hand replays, head to our online poker stats page.


A perfect river for Antonius.



Brutal flop for Sahamies.



Antonius hit just about everything.

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