Antonius Cleans Up for $361k

Patrik Antonius
Patrik Antonius

Patrik Antonius continues to dominate the new U.S. player-less Full Tilt Poker and took down $361k in the high stakes games last night.

For a change the 6-Max $300/$600 PLO games were running with Antonius, Gus Hansen, FinnishNightmre, skjervoy, NoPasaran and Esvedra trading huge pots back and forth.

Antonius has been the man to beat since Full Tilt closed its doors to U.S. players last weekend and that certainly didn’t change last night.

The Finnish poker pro played 422 hands and raked a $191k monster pot when he flopped a straight against NoPasaran and FinnishNightmre who both had over-pairs.

Despite losing one bad session to Gus Hansen, Antonius has been on a tear over the last few days and accumulated nearly $500k in profit.

Thanks to his recent strong play, Antonius is nearly even in 2011 after playing himself into a considerable hole in the early stages of the year.

Meanwhile Gus Hansen was the biggest loser last night, dropping $203k in 231 hands. Antonius and Hansen have been the most active big name players on Full Tilt since online poker's Black Friday and Antonius, for the most part, has been rocking his Danish teammate.

Antonius wasn’t the only player to profit last night, however. Online poker player Esvedra took down $206k to take second place on the cash game leaderboard.

Close behind Esvedra were a couple of recognizable high stakes players in Ingenious89 and LokoIsBack. Ingenious89 stomped his way to $99k in profit while LokoIsBack earned $59k.

Kanu7 was the only PokerStars player to crack the top five in profit with an extra $48k in his bankroll.

Meanwhile Hansen had some company in the losing column with Finnishnightmre (-$186k), skjervoy (-$156k), NoPasaran (-$150k) and venced0r (-$38k) all dropping a substantial amount of cash.

Despite the loss Andreas “skjervoy” Torbergsen might have the chance to make a serious name for himself on Full Tilt with all the U.S. players gone.

One of the top five biggest winners last year, Torbergsen is currently up close to half a million on Full Tilt and will likely be a player to watch over the coming weeks.

For information on the high stakes games from last night be sure to check our online poker stats section.

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