Anna Khait, Ebony Kenney Driven for Next Level of Poker Success

Anna Khait
Anna Khait: Future PokerStars pro?

Anna Khait and Ebony Kenney come from pretty different places and backgrounds but share the same big goal:

A career as a respected (and sponsored) poker pro.

Part of a new wave of poker talent brimming around the US, the Brooklyn-based Khait - who put medical school on hold to pursue her poker career - and Florida-based Kenney do have one common "obstacle" in their paths.

As women, they get judged a lot on their looks.

Khait: "My Ultimate Dream is to Become a PokerStars Pro"

For Khait, it's just one more hurdle to getting the respect she deserves as a poker player. For Kenney, it's opened doors as both a model and TV host but still caused tension at times with other women at the tables.

"My ultimate dream," Khait told PokerListings yesterday on a break at the 2014 WSOP Main Event, "is to become a PokerStars pro.

"If not, then be a pro who's respected in the game. I can't wait for the day for me to prove to everyone that I'm not just a cute face, you know. I love poker. Because I get judged on that all the time."

"As far as the preconceived notions about women in poker," Kenney adds, "I think I get it even stronger because I am so ... I'm not afraid to be a female and I'm aggressive and I won't let anybody talk down to me."

"... So I'm a lot to handle. And I realize that."

Watch the full interviews below:

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