48-Hour Marathon Poker Event Sets New Guinness World Record

APT RWM Winner 001
American Damon Shulenberger won the world's longest continuous poker tournament.

A new Guiness World Record has been set in the category of “Longest Continuous Poker Tournament” with a nearly 49-hour poker marathon in Manila, Phillipines this weekend.

The $700 Asian Poker Tour Iron Man Poker Challenge at the Resorts World Manila Premier Club officially lasted 48 hours, 55 minutes and 58.5 seconds and was won by American Damon Shulenberger.

Shulenberger pocketed over $18,000 for the victory and will also have his name added to the famous Guinness Book.

“I have never experienced anything like it in my life," said Shulenberger after the win.

"Not only going without sleep for two nights straight but I started at Level 1 at 8PM and never left the table for five minutes, until almost 50 hours later, with winning the championship.”

To qualify for the Guiness World Records' requirements cameras were installed throughout the tournament to capture the action and make sure the event met the record's criteria for continus play.

The new record-setting tournament drew 114 entrants and took roughly 30 hours of continuous play to reach the money bubble at 18 players.

The final table roster included players from Germany, Korea, Singapore, the US and the Philippines.

Here are the full payouts for the APT-RWM Iron Man Challenge:

  • 1st: Damon Shulenberger (USA) -$18,240
  • 2nd: Choi Byung Kyoo (Korea) – $10,670
  • 3rd: Sandro Simon (Germany) – $7,390
  • 4th: Lim Dae Hoon (Korea) -$5,390
  • 5th: Florencio Campomanes (Philippines) – $4,460
  • 6th: Howard Ang Lee (Philippines) – $3,680
  • 7th: Gerry Flores (Philippines) – $3,030
  • 8th: Kim Jinwi (Korea) – $2,530
  • 9th: Norbert Koh (Singpore) – $2,180
  • 10th: Martin Corpuz (Philippines) – $1,870
  • 11th: Samad Razavi (England) – $1,750
  • 12th: Zhang Quaosheng (Singapore) – $1,750
  • 13th: Nasser Jose Perez (Philippines) – $1,500
  • 14th: John Tech (Philippines) – $1,500
  • 15th: Liam Anderson (Australia) – $1,500
  • 16th: Dexter Salmingo (Philippines) – $1,320
  • 17th: Davor Bendin (Germany) – $1,320
  • 18th: Wendell Davis Garcia (Philippines) – $1,320


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