$250k in Freerolls, $200 Bonus for Full Tilt Relaunch

The new Full Tilt Poker will relaunch with a bang next month with $250,000 in freerolls and several more player perks as part of its "Deal Me In" promotion.

Announced today, the promotion is heavily incentivized to keeping players onsite and playing instead of cashing in their bankrolls when they become available Nov. 6.

Included in the player-friendly Deal Me In promo are:

  • $250k in Daily Freerolls from Nov. 6-11
  • $200+ Cash Bonus for real-money players plus Rush Poker ring-game ticket
  • Around-the-Clock Happy Hour with Double Player Points
  • FTP Store Sale
  • FTOPS Satellite Frenzy with $300k in added entries

$10k Freerolls, Largest Bonus Ever

A Whole Lotta Cash
Plenty of cash to be had.

The first week of relaunch from Nov. 6-11 will feature daily freerolls with a total of $250k in prize money handed out.

The freerolls will cap off on November 11 with 10 separate freerolls with $10k prize pools for each.

Also on the table is the "biggest ever cash bonus" ever handed out by Full Tilt.

Existing real-money players will receive a cash bonus worth "at least $200," according to the release, and will also get a free Rush Poker ring-game ticket.

New Full Tilt players will be eligible for a first-time deposit bonus and the special cash bonus once they've begun real-money play.

Double Points for Relaunch Week, FTOPS Frenzy

Also available around the clock from Nov. 6-11 will be the famous Full Tilt Happy Hour with double the amount of player points earned on real-money play.

Discounted ring-game tickets and tournament tickets will be offered as part of a massive FTP Store sale. To follow up launch week, an FTOPS Satellite Frenzy later in the month will add $300k in bonus entries to FTOPS XXI satellites.

More info about the Full Tilt relaunch here.

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Adam Stone 2012-10-24 13:16:40

Most likely an unlock-able bonus, but still a bonus, every so many points they give a 5 or 10 dollar chunk .

Thanks Full Tilt

Cmark 2012-10-24 10:45:05

Ralph - dunno what you are talking about. That photo is old.

flippy 2012-10-24 10:43:49

They really don't want people to withdraw

acesacesaces 2012-10-24 09:37:57

I can't wait for FTP to be up and running again. Are they seriously just going to ship $200 to everyone who already has an account on the site? Feel like we need more info on how this is actually going to work.

Ralph Robinson 2012-10-24 08:23:04

I am planning on signing up to Full Tilt BUT I have just seen a photo of HOWARD LETHERER wearing a Full Tilt jacket.

Are you guys for real or is he wearing it illegally