$100 Million Macau Pro-Am Rumored for 2013


An “American businessman” has told GamingToday magazine that a group of Chinese businessmen are planning the richest poker tournament ever in Macau for 2013 with an expected prize pool of $100 million.

Details are unsubstantiated at this point but the businessman, William Murray, claims he represents one of the five Chinese companies involved and that one-third of the seats for the main event are already reserved.

"This spectacular event will establish Macau as the poker tournament capital of the world," Murray told the magazine, "and hopefully will bring the world’s top players there for cash and tournament contests.

"Macau is already the baccarat capital of the world and now we are completing the other half of the puzzle, poker."

One-third of the seats will be allocated to the Far East, one-third to the US and one-third from the rest of the world, Murray says, with the Far East seats the ones already spoken for.

"The current goal is to have 500 participants," Murray said.

Murray said the prize pool is expected to be between $65 million and $100 million with $25 million set aside for the winner of the main event. A series of events in Texas Holdem and baccarat will also be included.

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Macau has been buzzing over the last few weeks with the return of Phil Ivey to tournament poker, Randy “nanonoko” Lew’s win at APPT Macau and several of the game’s biggest names spotted playing nosebleed cash games in the Macau casinos.

Tom Dwan, Patrik Antonius, Johnny Chan, Andrew Robl, Guy Laliberte and Phil Ivey have all been seen at the tables with varying reports of success.

Right now Chan is supposedly the biggest winner, earning 11 million HKD ($1.4 million USD).

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