0-for-ever: Hellmuth back for more PAD

Phil Hellmuth is apparently a glutton for Poker After Dark punishment.

A five-time loser already in the made-for-TV $120k match, the Poker Brat is back for more in this week's edition of PAD.

His opponents this time are Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, Jennifer Harman, Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen and Howard Lederer - all familiar faces to the poker-viewing public.

All five are also previous visitors to the PAD winner's circle.

This week's match is, according to NBC, filled with "intense poker marked by long and difficult decisions" and "more smiles from Phil Ivey than anyone has ever seen."

As added fuel for the fire, before the match even started, Hansen laid Hellmuth 4.5-1 odds for $20,000 that Hellmuth would yet again go away empty-handed, putting an additional $90,000 on the line.

Hellmuth replied to the challenge by saying he didn't care who was playing, he was never a 4-1 dog in any six-handed match ever.

Should he lose, he would be the first player in two seasons of Poker After Dark to hit 0-for-6.

The match starts airing tonight on NBC, at 2:05 a.m (EST), and continues until the standard "Director's Cut" finale after Saturday Night Live on Nov. 17.

Each of the match's six segments can also be viewed daily at .

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