Wiszowaty doubles up through Silvius

Level 11: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)
Entries: 62/138
Average: 445,000

Strolling around poker paradise, we saw the some tough action at table number 14. Many timebank cards were used on the river, but eventually a call was made and we had a showdown.

The board holded 10 5 6 K Q and it was Wiszowaty who had to make a decision for his tournament life as he was put to the test by Dutchman Silvius with a bet of 350,000 into a pot of roughly the same. Wiszowaty took it down eventually, holding the third best flush with J K . Silvius also had to open his cards and it was a stonecold bluff with A 10 , trying to scoop the pot.

Mariusz Wiszowaty910,000
Bas Silvius420,000

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