Thomas Harnes Eliminated in 2nd Place (€97,330)

Level 33: 300,000/600,000 (600,000)
Entries: 1/1,326

Mirko Mostaccio just defeated Thomas Harnes heads-up to win the €135,670 top prize after making a heads-up deal with €23,400, while Thomas Harnes collected a tasty runner-up prize of €97,330. Mostaccio also won €550 as part of the PokerDeals last-longer competition and a $2,500 package to Las Vegas sponsored by the World Poker Tour.

Mostaccio whittled Harnes' stack down to 8.5 million when Harnes limped the button. Mostaccio jacked it up to 1.5 million before he called a jam by Harnes for 8.5 million.

Thomas Harnes: K J
Mirko Mostaccio: A Q

The rails from both players gathered around the table before the 9 2 A flop had Harnes drawing very thin. Harnes was drawing dead after the 7 turn and already said 'good game' to his opponent.

The 6 river made things official and congrats to both players for an incredible run. Both players hugged their rail before hugging each other.

Stay tuned for the final payouts shortly with a recap of this amazing festival coming in the morning.

Thomas Harnes
Thomas Harnes

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