“The Fish That Got Lucky”

Level 18: 6,000/12,000 (12,000)
Entries: 155/1,326

Lately, it appears that Sascha Manns is on a big final table whenever we travel to the same stops. Maybe the same will happen at the MPF Grand Event as well as he already has 875,000 in chips from his Day 2 starting stack of 368,000.

Manns shared a hand that just happened at the laughter of Joseph Grech and to the dismay of Maltese resident Soner Vanelderen. The hand began with Christian Kempf jamming the button for 135,000. Manns three-bet jammed from the small blind his big stack and Vanelderen folded from the big blind.

"We aren't talking about that hand," Vanelderen added at this point in the story.

Manns had fives and won a flip to eliminate Kempf short of the money after his opponent bricked the board.

"Can we make the title 'The fish that got lucky?'" asked local player Joseph Grech, who we also see often when we get the opportunity to visit Malta.

"Of course," I said before asking Manns if this was kosher.

The banter after this instantly ceased with players going in different directions with the table breaking. Best of luck to Sascha, Soner, and Joseph in their quest for MPF Grand Event gold.

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