Straight for Degros

Level 1: 100/100
Entries: 34/34

Yesterday, Table 51 provided tons of action early on and it appears that table once again will be an action table based on a very small sample size of one hand.

Kjell Sterner and another player checked with the 9 5 4 8 on the board on the turn and about 5,000 was already in the pot before Laurent Degros fired out for 3,400. Sterner called and the other player folded.

Sterner check-called a bigger bet of 8,000 by Degros after the K river completed the board. Degros turned over the nuts with 7 6 and was awarded the pot after Sterner mucked his hand.

Laurent Degros - 50,000
Kjell Sterner - 15,000

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