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For the Love of Poker: Dusk Till Dawn Founder Rob Yong

Over a decade has passed since Rob Yong and his mate Nick Whiten were turned away from their local card…

12 min
WSOP Main Event Heads-Up Flashback: Greg Raymer vs. David Williams

It’s late May, 2004. The WSOP has once again shattered records in the Main Event thanks to online qualifier Chris…

13 min
This is PokerListings: Your All In Poker Guide

Back in 2003, the poker world was a very different place. Very different. Poker rooms were almost exclusively filled with…

11 min
Learn Unbeatable Poker Strategy for Free with PokerCoach - Poker News has teamed up with to offer our readers a chance to radically improve their poker games for free…

2 min
Pop Poker: Why Poker Players Love Mario Puzo

Mario Puzo is best known for having created the world’s most famous Mafia family, the Corleones, introduced in Puzo’s best-selling…

6 min
Pop Poker - CSI Features Poker Serial Killer (and Tom Schneider)

An episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation appeared last week on CBS in which an entire serial-killer plot is built…

6 min
Crowd-Funding Kickstarts New Wave of Poker Products - Special Features

Poker is big business. Major corporations sell cards, chips and tables to poker players around the world. Online poker sites…

6 min
Mind Sports "Legitimizing" Poker Alongside Chess, Scrabble, Backgammon - Special Features

The recently completed WPT Baden in Vienna saw hundreds enter the main event but poker was hardly the only game…

12 min
Pop Poker: How Poker Inspired Stanley Kubrick's Dr. Strangelove

Stanley Kubrick’s classic dark comedy Dr. Strangelove is not just hilarious, it's also one of the most effective satirical responses to Cold…

6 min
The 20 Most Fascinating People in the Poker World

Today we handpick the 20 most fascinating, accomplished and original individuals in the wide world of poker. There's plenty of…

18 min
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