Queens for Talvard

Level 9: 1,000/1,500 (1,500)
Entries: 109/205

Mike Alonso opened for 3,500 from under the gun before Salvatore Ritrovato three-bet jammed for around 20 big blinds from one seat over. Antoine Talvard jammed a huge stack of around 130,000 from late position and Alonso folded.

Salvatore Ritrovato: A 8
Antoine Talvard: Q Q

Talvard's queens held on the 9 7 J 3 9 board but called the floor while the board was still running out to discuss another matter. He piled up his chips as he discussed the rules with the floor about calling the clock on players.

Antoine Talvard - 175,000
Salvatore Ritrovato - 0

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