“Oh F#*#!”

Level 29: 100,000/200,000 (200,000)
Entries: 13/1,326

Simone Maglianella opened for 400,000 from under the gun before Thomas Harnes three-bet to 1.6 million. Jerome Moreau asked Harnes how much he was on and Harnes showed his stacks. Moreau then four-bet jammed for 6 million or so. Maglianella quickly folded and Harnes just as quickly called off his stack of around 4 million and change.

Thomas Harnes: Q Q
Jerome Moreau: 8 8

"Oh fuck!" Moreau said when he saw how behind he was.

The 7 J 7 came on the flop. The 8 turn put Moreau ahead with a full house but the board wasn't done yet. The Q spiked the river and Harnes doubled up with a better full house.

Thomas Harnes - 9 million
Jerome Moreau - 500,000

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