Nilsen Rivers Trips

Level 4: 100/300 (300)
Entries: 93/104

Nils Linden check-raised a bet of 2,800 by Ruben Rasmussen to 11,000 and Rasmussen called with the 7 6 A 3 on the board after the turn with around 7,000 already in the pot before the big turn action.

Linden jammed for 16,500 after the 3 paired the board on the river. Rasmussen immediately sighed before going into the tank for a minute. It appeared he was about to fold before going into the tank for two more minutes. Eventually, Rasmussen called only to wind up mucking his cards after Linden turned over Q 3 for trip treys.

Nils Linden - 62,000
Ruben Rasmussen - 16,700

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