“From the Min to the Max” for Kassouf

Level 5: 6K/12K (12K)
Entries: 90/107

Will Kassouf often qualifies into events on the cheap and when he cashes his catchphrase is: "from the min to the max."

He isn't exactly at the max now but shared he is very happy to be slightly above a starting stack with 1,030,000 in chips after being down to 200,000 in chips a short while ago.

Kassouf chipped up a bit before he earned a full double-up. Kassouf shared with PokerListings how it went down.

Kassouf opened for 30,000 with ten-nine and got a call. He flopped trips on the nine-nine-four rainbow flop and his opponent check-called a bet by Kassouf for 45,000. The 6 on the turn put two clubs on the board. Kassouf's opponent bet 125,000 before he called a jam by Kassouf for 425,000. Kassouf's opponent held A 3 and was still alive with one card to come with a flush draw. The flush draw didn't get there after the K river completed the board and Kassouf won the pot.

Will Kassouf - 1,030,000

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