“I Had Two Pair”

Level 1: 100/100
Entries: 45/45

Johan Goslings and Davoud Nikravan checked the Q 9 J flop before Roman Bederka fired out for a pot-sized bet of 1,000. Goslings and Nikravan called to see the A turn.

Goslings checked again but Nikravan opted to do something different with a bet of 1,500. Bederka called and Goslings folded. The Q completed the board on the river and Goslings fired out for 2,500. Nikravan folded and flashed the table with a shrug that he held K K .

Bederka made the correct fold as Nikravan showed the A for at least top pair.

"I had two pair," Nikravan shared to Bederka as the dealer began shuffling the cards for the next hand.

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