First of Four Double-Ups for Alvertjarn?

Level 23: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)
Entries: 38/1,326

Antoine Talvard min-raised before Stefan Alvetjarn three-bet jammed for 10 big blinds. Arturas Bliudzius four-bet over the top for a bit more and Talvard folded.

Stefan Alvertjarn: K J
Arturas Bliudzius: J J

A king spiked the board for Alvertjarn to double his stack. Alvertjarn accidentally put an extra zero on his bag last night and joked with me in the morning that he will get those chips before too long by doubling up four times. Good luck, Stefan for three more double-ups to go!

Meanwhile, Cornelis Vreugdenhill was eliminated around the same time at a different table.

Stefan Alvertjarn - 1.3 million
Arturas Bliudzius: 1.2 million
Cornelis Vreugdenhill - 0

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