Fara Doubles Through Zapantis

Level 10: 600/1,200 (1,200)
Entries: 71/166

Tomas Fara opened for 2,500 from the button before he called a three-bet by Robert Zapantis from the small blind for 6,600. Zapantis bet 7,200 on the 10 A 2 flop and Fara called.

The 5 followed on the turn and Zapantis fired out for 22,000, the exact amount left in Fara's stack. Fara tanked for a few moments before he found a call.

Tomas Fara: A 3
Robert Zapantis: K 3

Zapantis was only drawing for a chop if a four came on the river to improve both players for a wheel. The 10 river completed the board instead for Fara to double through Zapantis.

Robert Zapantis - 180,000
Tomas Fara - 75,000

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