End of the Line for Aslanidis

Level 23: 25,000/50,000 (50,000)
Entries: 47/1,326

We met Greece's Ioannis Aslanidis on Day 1b of the Grand Event. We clicked right away and were silently rooting for him to make it to the final table. Aslanidis used to play a bit of live poker but took a break. Maybe this is the start of him getting back into live events.

We found that we had common friends in Greece and Aslanidis would often come by the media desk before and after the day to have a friendly chat.

Unfortunately, Aslanidis was eliminated from the Grand Event just before the last break.

He had a photo of the hand and he shared that he three-bet jammed with J J and was called by Jean Ruch with one pair better with Q Q .

As you might have guessed, no miracle came on the 7 4 K A 5 board and Aslanidis left the tournament area with a big smile on his face after a nice run.

Jean Ruch - 3 million
Ioannis Aslandis - 0

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