2022 Coolbet Open Day 1a

2022 Coolbet Open Day 1a

Day 1a photos

Ranno Sootla Leads After Day 1a of the Coolbet Open Main Event 25.05.2022 21:27 by Jason Glatzer
Ranno Sootla
Ranno Sootla

Local Estonian poker hero Ranno Sootla is in a prime position to go deep in yet another event at the Olympic Park Casino and the Hilton Tallinn Park as he bagged the chip lead out of the 65 survivors on Day 1a of the Coolbet Open €550 Main Event.

Sootla was building his stack during the latter half of Day 1a before winning even more near the tail end of the day’s action when his aces held against ace-queen to eliminate Andrei Mjagkov.

Day 1a attracted 193 entries, putting it 11 entries ahead of the pace of the festival’s record-breaking Coolbet Open at the end of 2019 won by Ott Kaarli Toome for €71,700. That event attracted 686 entries for a €331,740 prize pool and it could be possible that this Main Event could be even bigger.

Also bagging top five chip stacks were Are Tengelsen (305,200), Alex Lianes (180,200), Klaus Witte (170,000), and Magnus Bodvarsson (158,800).

Day 1a Top Ten Chip Counts

PlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
Ranno SootlaEstonia350,000219
Are TengelsenNorway305,200191
Alex Podadera LianesSpain180,200113
Klaus WitteNorway170,000106
Magnus BodvarssonIceland158,80099
Feras AbidFinland153,00096
Jaanus VesteEstonia152,20095
Davy WathneNorway137,30086
Robin TiitsEstonia129,60081
Kristo TiitsEstonia125,60079

Day 1b Kicks Off at 12 p.m.

The action will resume for Day 1b at 12 p.m. EEST and PokerListings will be right along with you to bring you some of the biggest hands and bad beats throughout the day.

Players bagging chips on Day 1b will join the 69 survivors on Day 1a for Day 2 on Friday, May 27 at 12 p.m. EEST with the trophy scheduled to be awarded on Saturday.

End of Day Chip Counts 25.05.2022 20:33 by Arved Klöhn

Day 1a is in the books with 65 players finding bags out of the 193 entries. Local Estonian hero Ranno Sootla bagged the biggest stack of 350,000 in chips followed by Are Tengelsen. Here is a look at all of the chip counts at the end of Day 1a.

Ranno SootlaEstonia350,000
Are TengelsenNorway305,200
Alex Podadera LianesSpain180,200
Klaus WitteNorway170,000
Magnus BodvarssonIceland158,800
Feras AbidFinland153,000
Jaanus VesteEstonia152,200
Davy WathneNorway137,300
Robin TiitsEstonia129,600
Kristo TiitsEstonia125,600
Atli ThrastarsonIceland123,600
Jarmo SalonenFinland122,300
Svante NilssonSweden120,300
Erik RoeNorway119,700
Mohammed Al-KhazrajiFinland118,700
Teemu LeppälahtiFinland117,700
Edgars BeizaksLatvia116,500
Tomasz WisniewskiPoland114,800
Kalle LySweden113,500
Andrei SilencovMoldova105,200
Dmitri DudakovEstonia102,000
Mohammed HalafiFinland95,400
Haukur BodvarssonIceland94,700
Marko VestEstonia94,000
Helge Voll HustadNorway93,300
Orvar KilvarNorway91,500
Jaime Cristobal Cases SusarteSpain90,000
Daniel Petur AxelssonIceland88,000
Madis OrmissonEstonia85,000
Onni HuttunenFinland84,300
Kristo EralaEstonia81,600
Tapio AaltonenFinland80,000
Van Son LeFinland75,200
Taago TammEstonia75,000
Tarmo TammelEstonia74,600
Roberts RumbaLatvia74,400
Kristian AitioFinland73,600
Joel SalmirinneFinland72,200
Atle StensetNorway68,000
Thomas Erik LindSweden67,000
Allesandro GiordanoItaly64,000
Tuomas KälvinmäkiFinland64,000
Jari Pekka HurriFinland54,200
Runar AndersenNorway54,100
Oskar WeddeNorway53,900
David LandAustralia51,600
Bent SkammelsrudNorway49,500
Janek KukkEstonia43,800
Adria Comas I RouraSpain43,700
Raymond VilnesNorway42,400
Mati PirnEstonia41,600
Vidar Andre BjornevikNorway41,400
Alberto Sanchez JimenezSpain39,400
Aleksi NaskiFinland38,000
Joel Wilhelm HaapioFinland35,900
Kevin Viktor KareniusFinland35,800
Keimo SuominenFinland34,600
Endre SagstuenNorway30,000
Vishal JoshiSweden28,800
Roope TarmiFinland26,400
Francisco ValdesChile25,200
Andres LõivEstonia25,000
Jesus Martinez UceroSpain24,500
Ville LaasanenFinland23,800
Anu LiljaFinland21,400
Aces Over Ace-Queen for Sootla 25.05.2022 20:04 by Arved Klöhn

Level 10: 600/1,200 (1,200)

Entries: 69/192

Ranno Sootla
Ranno Sootla

Sometimes poker is very simple. You just need a good hand, another player to have a second best hand and then you need your hand to hold.

For Ranno Sootla poker has been that simple today most of the time. He had to fire a 2nd bullet, but after that it was almost only one way for his stack: upwards. We just witnessed him take out Andrei Maglov in one of the last hands of the night.

Mjagkov was all-in with A-Q for his last 30k chips and Sootla had him crushed with A-A.

The board ran out K-J-5-Q-2 and send the pot Sootla’s way. The Estonian stacks way over 250k chips now.

Andrei Mjagkov – 0
Ranno Sootla – over 250,000

Final Three Hands 25.05.2022 19:57 by Jason Glatzer

The floor announced for dealers to deal the final three hands of Day 1a after which surviving players will bag their stacks into Day 2.

Strike Three for Koks 25.05.2022 19:56 by Jason Glatzer

Level 10: 600/1,200 (1,200)

Entries: 77/192

Andrey Koks has had a rough go on Day 1a and was on his third bullet when he jammed for about 6 big blinds from the small blind. Roberts Rumba called and players turned over their cards.

Andrey Koks: K 5

Roberts Rumba: Q 3

The J Q 8 10 7 board pushed Rumba ahead in the hand and Koks shook his opponent’s hand before leaving the tournament arena.

Roberts Rumba – 70,000

Andrey Koks – 0

Ormisson Doubles Through Susarte 25.05.2022 19:38 by Jason Glatzer
Madis Ormisson
Madis Ormisson

Jamie Cases Susarte opened for a little more than a min-raise and was called by Madis Ormisson and the player in the big blind.

Susarte continued to 2,500 on the 4 7 10 flop. Ormisson called and the player in the big blind folded.

The 8 turn was an action card. Susarte led out for 5,000. Ormisson raised to 12,000. Susarte three-bet to 25,000 before he called a jam by Ormisson for 30,000.

Madis Ormisson: J 9

Jaime Cases Susarte: 7 3

Ormisson turned a straight but the same card gave Susarte a flush. Ormisson got there at the end to double up after the A river completed the board to give him a better flush.

Bodvarsson Ousts Pihela (Again) 25.05.2022 19:28 by Jason Glatzer
Igor Pihela Sr.
Igor Pihela Sr.

Level 10: 600/1,200 (1,200)

Entries: 85/192

Magnus Bodvarsson eliminated Igor Pihela once and he re-entered to his same seat. Straight after getting to his seat, Pihela opened for 6,000 from early position. Bodvarsson three-bet to 30,000 from late position. Pihela laughed out loud before he made the call.

Igor Pihela: 10 9

Magnus Bodvarsson: K K

Pihela was far behind and wasn’t able to get past his opponent’s cowboys after the 4 J 4 9 6 ran out on the board. That was the fifth bullet for Pihela on Day 1a, who still has time to get in again if he so chooses on Day 1a.

Magnus Bodvarsson – 155,000

Igor Pihela – 0

Final Level of Day 1a 25.05.2022 19:20 by Jason Glatzer

Coolbet Open Tournament Director Teresa Nousiainen just announced that the final level of Day 1a has begun with blinds at 600/1,200 along with a big blind ante of 1,200.

Also announced was the two-day €330 Deep Stack Championship will kick off on schedule at 9 p.m. This event was structured in a way that players can play this and the Main Event at the same time with Day 2 kicking off as well at 9 p.m.

Abid Felts Kekalainen with a Set of Nines 25.05.2022 19:17 by Jason Glatzer

Level 9: 500/1,000

Entries: 88/190

Feras Abid jammed into a pot of around 30,000 with the 7 4 3 K 9 on the board and Pyry Kekalainen went into the tank for several minutes before he made the call for his stack of around 40,000.

Abid turned over 9 9 for a set and Kekalainen tried to muck his hand as he was leaving the table. A player asked to see the cards and the table learned that Kekalainen held A 4 .

Feras Abid – 150,000

Pyry Kekalainen – 0

Bodvarsson Doubles Through Pihela 25.05.2022 19:00 by Jason Glatzer

Level 9: 500/1,000 (1,000)

Entries: 95/190

Magnus Bodvarsson raised to 4,300 from late position over two limpers before Igor Pihela jammed from the big blind. The two limpers folded before Bodvarsson called off for 24,200.

Magnus Bodvarsson: A K

Igor Pihela: 2 2

The flip was on and Bodvarsson took a huge edge after his ace paired on the A 3 J flop. Neither the 6 turn nor the 4 river helped Pihela’s ducks and Bodvarsson doubled his stack.

Magnus Bodvarsson – 52,000

Igor Pihela – 47,000

Top Pair Doesn’t Hold for Jonsdottir 25.05.2022 18:41 by Jason Glatzer

Level 9: 500/1,000 (1,000)

Entries: 103/189

Klaus Witte bet 3,000 into a pot of 10,000 with the 5 K 7 dealt on the flop. Inga Jonsdottir jammed over Witte for 24,000. Witte went into the tank for a minute before he announced a call.

Inga Jonsdottir: K 10

Klaus Witte: A 4

Jonsdottir held top pair when the chips went in, while Witte held a flush draw along with other possibilities to improve. While the flush draw didn’t get there, Witte managed to win the hand anyway to felt Jonsdottir after the 6 turn and the 3 river gave Witte a runner-runner straight.

Klaus Witte – 90,000

Inga Jonsdottir – 0

Last Break of the Day 25.05.2022 18:28 by Arved Klöhn

Level 8 is in the books and we’re at the 3rd and final break of the day. With the players outside we had some time to glance over the largest stacks at the tables:

Ranno Sootla150,000
Marko Vest140,000
Are Tengelsen135,000
Kristo Tiits130,000
Davy Wathne125,000
Mati Pirn120,000
Kalle Ly115,000
Huxley Doubles Mirza 25.05.2022 18:09 by Jason Glatzer

Level 8: 400/800 (800)

Entries: 107/186

Phillip Huxley
Phillip Huxley

Phillip Huxley opened for 2,000 from middle position. Masse Mirza jammed for 12,800 from one seat over and Huxley called.

Masse Mirza: K Q

Phillip Huxley: A J

Huxley was ahead when the chips went in but fell behind after Mirza’s king connected with the K J 5 flop. The 10 turn and the 10 river were blanks for Huxley and he was short on chips after doubling up Mirza.

Masse Mirza – 27,600

Phillip Huxley – 12,000

Erala doubles up With Flush Over Set 25.05.2022 18:01 by Arved Klöhn

Level 8: 400 / 800 – Entries: 112 / 185

Kristo Erala
Kristo Erala

Talk about tough setups! At table 9 the Finnish player Jari Lahtinen just lost more than half his stack against Kristo Erala with a set against a flush.

We came to hand on the turn with the board reading K 10 5 4 and with roughly 4k chips in the middle. Erala bet 2.2k and behind him Lahtinen quickly raised to 5.2k. Erala called and both players saw the 6 peel off on the river.

Erala checked to the raiser and Lahtinen asked for a count of Erala’s stack. It was roughly 30k. The Fin quickly bet half of that, only for Erala to come over the top and move all-in. Lahtinen was not happy with that all-in, but eventually called.

Kristo Erala: A Q
Jari Lahtinen: 4 4

With the nut flush Kristo Erala doubled up and Lahtinen lost most of his stack. The entire table will be moved downstairs in a bit and function as the TV table for the rest of the evening.

Kristo Erala: 64,000
Jari Lahtinen: 22,000

Top Pair Good for Wathne 25.05.2022 17:52 by Jason Glatzer

Level 8: 400/800 (800)

Entries: 114/183

Oystein Brenden opened for 1,800 from early position and was called by Jussi Mattila from the cutoff, Daniel Axelsson from the small blind and Davy Wathne from the big blind.

Axelsson checked the jack-high flop before Wathne bet 4,000. Brenden called, Mattila folded, and Axelsson called bringing three players to witness the 3 turn. Axelsson and Wathne checked before Brenden bet 11,000. Axelsson folded and Wathne called.

Both players checked after the 5 river completed the board. Wathne showed K J for top pair which was good enough to win the hand with Brenden mucking his cards.

Davy Wathne – 120,000

Oystein Brenden – 80,000

Thorsrud is Back at the Same Table 25.05.2022 17:43 by Arved Klöhn

Level 8: 400 / 800 – Entries: 116 / 183

It took Ylva Thorsrud exactly 2 minutes to come back to the main event. She fired her 2nd bullet and was placed at the same table that she just busted from. Will she get revenge against Magnus Bodvarsson?

Meanwhile, the Finn Kyösti Isberg lost his stack again and we’re waiting for him to fire his 5th bullet.

Ylva Thorsrud Eliminated With a 4-Outer 25.05.2022 17:36 by Arved Klöhn

Level 7: 300/600 (600)Entries: 116 / 180

Ylva Thorsrud just busted with to a four-outer against Magnus Bodvarsson. On the Q 6 5 K turn there were roughly 12k chips in the middle.

Bodvarsson eyed Thorsrud’s stack, asked for a count, and quickly bet all she had left – 14k. She instantly called and turned over the better hand:

Ylva Thorsrud: K Q
Magnus Bodvarsson: 6 5

Thorsrud was a massive favorite, but the dealer sent her to the rails regardless as he turned over the 5 on the river.

Ylva Thorsrud – 0
Magnus Bodvarsson – 52,000

“Scary River for Me” 25.05.2022 17:33 by Jason Glatzer

Level 7: 300/600 (600)

Robin Tiits bet 10,000 into a pot of a bit more with the 8 10 4 3 on the board and Jussi Mattila, who is on his second bullet, made the call.

Both players checked the 6 river.

“Aces,” said Tiits as he showed the A A . “Scary river for me.”

The river might have saved Mattila some chips as he flashed the 10 to the table for top pair before he mucked his hand.

Stenset Doubles Through Hurri 25.05.2022 17:19 by Jason Glatzer

Level 7: 300/600 (600)

Entries: 120/175

Jari Hurri
Jari Hurri

Jari Hurri jammed over a bet by Atle Stenset with the Q 4 7 on the board and Stenset made the snap-call for his stack of 22,000.

Atle Stenset: Q 7

Jari Hurri: A A

Hurri’s aces were cracked but he still had some hope to get back into the hand. Unfortunately for Hurri, he lost the most of his second bullet after the 6 turn and K river were unable to get him ahead of his opponent’s two pair to double up Stenset.

Atle Stenset – 50,000

Jari Hurri – 10,000

Pihela Doubles Through Naski 25.05.2022 17:11 by Jason Glatzer

Level 7: 300/600 (600)

Entries: 122/171

Igor Pihela Sr.
Igor Pihela Sr.

Aleksi Naski was the early chip leader in the Main Event but is now on crumbs after bleeding chips and losing the most of what was left to Igor Pihela.

After Quoc Ly checked, Pihela fired out for 3,200 into a pot of approximately 18,000 with the Q 6 Q on the board. Naski raised to 10,000 and Ly folded. Pihela tanked for a few moments before he jammed for 33,200. Naski made the quick call for most of his stack and the cards were turned over with Pihela at risk.

Igor Pihela: Q Q

Aleksi Naski: K K

Naski needed some help for his cowboys to be good after Pihela flopped trips. Neither the J turn nor the 6 river provided any relief and Pihela doubled with a full house.

Igor Pihela – 84,000

Aleksi Naski – 3,000

Krogh Doubles Through Ajamaa 25.05.2022 16:56 by Jason Glatzer

Level 7: 300/600 (600)

Day 1a Entries: 123/170

Rune Krogh open-jammed for 13,700 from under the gun and was called by Kaur Ajamaa from the big blind.

Rune Krogh: K Q

Kaur Ajamaa: A J

Krogh was behind and at risk but quickly moved ahead after connecting with the 10 Q 10 flop. Krogh doubled up while leaving Ajamaa short on chips after the 7 turn and J river completed the board.

Rune Krogh – 27,300

Kaur Ajamaa – 13,000

Thrastarson Leads After the 2nd Break 25.05.2022 16:40 by Arved Klöhn
Chips and Sloth

After six levels we’re at the second break of the day and had a chance to glance over the tables. Those are the players with most chips:

Atli Thrastarson122.000
Davy Wathne117.000
Mohammed Al-Khazraji108.000
Kristo Tiits105.000
Orvar Kilvar92.000
Onni Huttunen88.000
Aleksandr Kuperman87.000
Are Tengelsen84.000
Oystein Brenden74.000
Quoc Ly66.000
Allesandro Giordano64.000
Andrei Harlanov-Voogla62.000
Totti Lind58.000
Jarmo Salonen56.000
Marko Vest54.000
No Re-Entry-Luck for Isberg on his 3rd Bullet 25.05.2022 16:16 by Arved Klöhn

Level 6: 200/400 (400)Day 1a Entries: 128/167

Taago Tamm
Taago Tamm

After busting at table 3, Kyösti Isberg re-entered a second time and was placed at table 14. His initial orbit was not a very lucky one. We just caught him lose a large chunk of his stack against Taago Tamm.

Tamm open-raised from UTG and after one caller Isberg made it 3k to go from middle position. Only Tamm called the 3-bet.

The two players checked until the river and the board read K J 9 6 7 . After Tamm checked a third time, Isberg slid out a 7k bet. Tamm thought for a while and then proclaimed: “I’m only afraid of K Q ” and called. He was correct in his read. Showdown:

Isberg: 7 4
Tamm: J 10

With his better pair Taago Tamm picked up Isbergs bluff and Fin is down to half the starting stack.

Kyösti Isberg: 14,000
Taago Tamm: 72,000

Thrastarson Felts Pihela 25.05.2022 16:06 by Jason Glatzer
Igor Pihela Sr.
Igor Pihela Sr.

Level 6: 200/400 (400)

Day 1b Entries: 129/165

While Igor Pihela Jr. is busy battling it out at the feature table, his father Igor Pihela was busy losing his first stack in the Main Event.

Pihela jammed for 13,950 with about double that in the pot with the 8 9 10 10 J on the board. Atli Thrastarson made the call and showed J 9 . Thrastarson caught Pihela with his hand in the cookie jar as his opponent whiffed the board showing A K before immediately re-entering for a fresh stack of 30,000 in chips.

Atli Thrastarson – 60,000

Igor Pihela – 30,000

Isberg Straightened Out 25.05.2022 15:45 by Arved Klöhn

Level 5: 150/300 (300) Day 1a Entries: 126/158

Over at table 3 we just witnessed the second demise of Kyösti Isberg. With almost 20k in the middle and the hand already at the river the board read K Q 10 3 K .

Isberg who was short checked to his lone opponent Daniel Sather. Sather quickly bet 13k which put Isberg all-in. He reluctantly called, but could not beat Sather’s straight with J 9 . Isberg mucked his cards and left the table. After being the first player to bust in the first level of this event, he’s now the first player to bust his 2nd bullet.

Daniel Sather – 47,000
Kyösti Allan Isberg – 0

Coolbet Founder Jan Svendsen in Action 25.05.2022 15:45 by Jason Glatzer

Jan Svendsen founded Coolbet before selling the company a number of years later.

Svendsen shared with PokerListings that he hasn’t played live poker in quite some time and felt it was time to get back into action with the Coolbet Open Main Event.

Time will tell whether Svendsen will be able to run up his initial stack of 30,000 in chips into a bigger stack for Day 2 and beyond.

Erala Rivers a Straight with Snowmen 25.05.2022 15:29 by Jason Glatzer

Level 5: 150/300 (300) – Day 1a Entries: 125/151

Kristo Erala
Kristo Erala

Kristo Erala opened for 700 from early position. Keimo Suominen three-bet to 1,900 from the big blind and Erala called.

Suominen fired out for 1,400 on the 5 7 6 flop and Erala called. Both players checked after the 7 turn paired the board before Suominen bet 3,600 on the 4 river. Erala tanked for a minute before he made the call. Suominen turned over K K but this wasn’t good enough to beat Erala who showed 8 8 for a rivered straight to win the hand.

Kristo Erala – 25,000

Keimo Suominen – 13,000

Persent Now with Zero Percent of His Stack 25.05.2022 15:07 by Jason Glatzer

Level 5: 150/300 (300)

Day 1a Entries: 128/148

Jon Persent was low on chips after his cowboys were no good against Madis Ormisson with eight-six with money getting in after Ormisson flopped two pair.

His last few blinds went in shortly after with eights but he was up against one pair better with Vjatseslav Jakusin holding nines.

Jakusin improved to a set on the 9 3 A flop and had Persent drawing dead after the 3 turn. The Q river ended the hand and Persent will have to re-enter if he wishes to advance to Day 2.

Madis Ormisson – 45,000

Vjatseslav Jakusin – 25,000

Jon Persent – 0

Flataker Out of Chips After Running into Tamm’s Trips 25.05.2022 14:48 by Jason Glatzer

Level 4: 100/200 (200)

Day 1b Entries: 128/141

Sturla Flataker and Kalle Mikkonen both checked with about 15,000 in the pot and the A 9 9 5 on the board after the turn before Taago Taam fired out for 4,200. Flataker called and Mikkonen folded.

Flataker checked after the 8 river completed the board. Taam bet 10,000, which was a little more than his opponent had left in his stack. Flataker went into the tank before he made the call. Taam showed 10 9 for trips and Flataker got up from the table before the dealer counted his chips. As it was an all-in showdown, the dealer did show that Flataker lost the hand with two pair holding A J .

Taago Taam – 40,000

Sturla Flataker – 0

Top Pair Good for Lunde 25.05.2022 14:23 by Jason Glatzer

Level 4: 100/200 (200)

Day 1a Entries: 126/136

Are Tengelsen bet 2,500 into a pot of 8,000 with the 6 4 9 6 10 on the board. The action paused on Sondre Lunde who eventually called before Jyrki Lampinen also called.

Tenglesen showed 9 8 which didn’t hold up after Lunde turned over A 10 for top pair. Lampinen didn’t need to show his cards as his hand wasn’t good enough to win the pot but did show the table J 9 before the dealer awarded Lunde the pot.

Are Tengelsen – 60,000

Sondre Lunde – 38,000

Jyrki Lampinen – 13,000

First Break, Axelsson Leads 25.05.2022 14:05 by Arved Klöhn

Level 4: 100 / 200 (200) – Day 1a Entries: 124 / 134

After three levels the first break has been reached. We did some counting and determined that Daniel Axelsson is currently in the lead with triple the starting stack.

Those are our (eyeballed) top chip counts:

Daniel Axelsson90,000
Aleksandr Kuperman62,000
Oystein Brenden59,000
Andrei Harlanov-Voogla57,000
Eirik Lavik57,000
Georgi Abuladze55,000
Van Son Le55,000
Totti Lind54,000
Onni Huttunen49,000
Andrei Silencov49,000
Joel Salmirinne48,000
Christian Arstad48,000
Are Tengelsen47,000
Pal Kristiansen45,000
Orvar Kilvar44,000
Huge Double Up for Son Le 25.05.2022 13:46 by Arved Klöhn

Level 3: 75 / 150 – Day 1a Entries: 119 / 128

At table four we witnessed one of the largest pots of the tournament so far. We came to table when there were already a couple thousand chips in the middle with three players in the hand. The board read K 6 3 9 .

After two checks Van Son Le bet 7k on the button and only Kaur Ajamaa in middle position called.

The river fell 9 and Ajamaa who barely covered Son Le moved all-in for roughly 25k. Son Le instantly called. Showdown:

Van Son Le: A A
Kaur Ajamaa: A K

With his better pair Son Le took down a pot worth 75k and left Ajamaa with only a couple thousand chips.

Van Son Le – 75,000
Kaur Ajamaa – 8,000

The Important Statistics 25.05.2022 13:34 by Arved Klöhn

Level 3: 75 / 150 – Day 1a Entries 117 / 124

We did some counting at the tables. With 117 players in the field we counted a total of 7 women. That’s less than 6% of the field and we feel that there’s definitely room for improvement.

The number of beers currently consumed at the tables narrowly beat the number of coffees consumed with 12 beers to 9 coffees.

And we’ve counted at least 9 of the super cool Coolbet hoodies worn by players. Unfortunately we’re still at zero Coolbet bears playing although the bear has been spotted in the building earlier.

Coolbet Bear
The Coolbet Bear – When will he enter the main event?
Flush no Good For Laanemets 25.05.2022 13:20 by Arved Klöhn

Level 3: 75 / 150 – Day 1a Entries: 119 / 124

At table 8 Geert Laanemets got frisky with a short(ish) stack. After a couple of limps he found 7 3 on the button and moved all-in for roughly 7k.

Right behind him Jarmo Salonen looked down to find Q Q . He had an easy call.

After the limpers folded the hand went to showdown. The board ran out Q 4 4 9 6 giving Laanemets an unlikely flush. But this was not enough to beat Salonens full house.

Jarmo Salonen – 44,000
Geert Laanemets – 0

Live Stream Starting at 15:30 25.05.2022 13:07 by Arved Klöhn

Level 3: 75 / 150 – Day 1a Entries 114 / 118

The Coolbet Open is running a TV table every day, including today. The stream will start after the first break after this level which will be roughly 15:00 EEST.

The stream will be on half an hour delay and you can find it here: Coolbet Open Live Stream.

Wald’s Jack-Six Doesn’t Get There 25.05.2022 12:51 by Jason Glatzer

Level 2: 50/100 – Day 1a Entries: 109/113

Dan Wald called off a five-bet jam for about 8,000 and was in big trouble against Daniel Axelsson.

Dan Wald: J 6

Daniel Axelsson: Q Q

Things went from bad to worse for Wald after Axelsson improved to a set on the [qd7s8d] flop. Neither the K turn nor the A river was able to save him and he hit the rail. Meanwhile, Kjell Lovaas also recently lost his stack making it four players not to hold onto their opening stacks during the first two blind levels thus far.

Daniel Axelsson – 50,000

Dan Wald – 0

Sober Poker for Lind 25.05.2022 12:39 by Jason Glatzer

Level 2: 50/100 – Day 1a Entries: 108/110

Sweden’s Totti Lind is in action and has turned over a new leaf post-pandemic.

He shared with PokerListings that he has lost a bit of money over the years drinking while playing and now proudly has a water bottle in front of him hoping that sober poker will deliver some good results during the Coolbet Open. Perhaps sober poker will be the way forward for Lind or perhaps he is experiencing some after-effects from arriving last night on his birthday.

So far, so good, for Lind in the Main Event as he has built up his stack to approximately 50,000 in chips.

Meanwhile, Edgars Beizaks, lost the rest of his short stack to become the second player eliminated on Day 1a.

Queens Good for Al-Khazraji 25.05.2022 12:19 by Jason Glatzer

Level 1: 25/50 – Day 1a Entries 99/100

The Day 1a field has grown to 100 entries with just Kyosti Isberg losing his stack early on. Kjell Lovaas is at risk though as he was sitting at just 5,000 in chips after the following hand.

The pot was already at around 25,000 with the 9 6 J 10 6 on the board when Lovaas bet 5,600. Mohammed Al-Khazraji went into the tank and asked, “Do you have a full house?” before he made the call.

Lovaas turned over J 10 for top two pair but this wasn’t good enough to win the hand with Al-Khazraji showing a better two pair with Q Q to take down the pot.

Mohammed Al-Khazraji – 55,000

Kjell Lovaas – 5,000

Tiit Rivers a Straight 25.05.2022 12:06 by Jason Glatzer

Level 1: 25/50 – Day 1a Entries 86/87

Two players checked with about 5,000 in the pot and the J 8 4 on the flop before Kristo Tiits fired out for 1,600. Eirik Lavik folded and Edgars Beizaks called.

Both players checked the Q turn before Beizaks fired out for 11,000 on the K river. Tiits snap-called and turned over the 10 9 for a straight. This was good enough to win the hand and chip up with Beizaks quickly tossing his hand into the muck.

Kristo Tiits – 55,000

Edgars Beizaks – 10,000

Wald Felts Isberg with a Better Flush 25.05.2022 11:55 by Jason Glatzer

Level 1: 25/50Day 1a Entries 80/81

Kyosti Isberg was the first player eliminated in the Coolbet Open Main Event on a bit of a cooler during Level 1.

Inga Jonsdottir opened for 150 from the cutoff before Carina Wald three-bet to 400 from the button. Isberg cold-called from the big blind and Jonsdottir came along for the ride to see the 5 K 9 flop.

Two players checked before Wald continued for 800. Isberg called and Wald folded. The action picked up after Isberg checked the 10 turn. Wald fired out for 1,700. Isberg raised to 5,000 and Wald went into the tank before she jammed for a little more than 30,000. Isberg made the call and then shook his head in frustration after the cards were shown.

Kyosti Isberg: J 7

Carina Wald: Q 10

Despite flopping a flush, Isberg was drawing dead when the chips went in on the turn to Wald’s better flopped flush. The inconsequential K river completed the board and the dealer began counting the two players’ chip stacks. Wald had Isberg covered by a couple of chips to send Isberg to the rail and take the early chip lead in the Main Event. Isberg didn’t immediately re-enter but we likely haven’t seen the end of the Finnish regular here in Tallinn.

Carina Wald – 65,000

Kyosti Isberg – 0

Bad River for Bodvarsson 25.05.2022 11:27 by Jason Glatzer

Level 1: 25/50

The field has grown to 71 entries and thus far all players are still in their seats. Sometimes it can be problematic to get good preflop hands early with stacks this deep but Magnus Bodvarsson was able to get away from his premium pocket pair.

Hendrik Lepik bet 3,000 into a pot of around 4,000 with the 8 Q 7 9 A board. Bodvarsson snap-folded and showed his K K face-up.

We may never know if Bodvarsson’s cowboys were good despite an ace on the river with Lepik collecting the pot without showing his hand.

Henrik Lepik: 33,000

Magnus Bodvarsson: 24,000

Early Entries in the Field 25.05.2022 11:16 by Jason Glatzer
Coolbet Bear
The Coolbet bear (who for some reason isn’t playing today)

Many familiar faces were registered early for Day 1a in the Main Event including Anne Bezdek, Anders Auset, Ylva Thorsrud, Totti Lind, Keimo Souminen, Teemu Leppalahti, and Oskar Wedde.

Expect the action to be on the slow side in the beginning thanks to the sick structure of the Coolbet Open Main Event with players’ opening stack of 30,000 representing 600 blinds to kick things off.

Cards in the Air 25.05.2022 11:07 by Jason Glatzer
Main Event Area
Main Event Area

After some welcome announcements, the first of two opening flights for the Coolbet Open has kicked off with 66 entries. This figure will increase significantly with late registration not closing until the end of the first level of Day 2. Until that happens, players can re-enter an unlimited amount of times in hopes of building a monster stack.

Coolbet Open Main Event Kicks Off at 12 p.m. 25.05.2022 10:36 by Arved Klöhn

Welcome to the PokerListings coverage of the 2022 Coolbet Open Main Event taking place at the fantastic Olympic Casino and adjoining Hilton Park Tallinn in the majestic Estonian capital of Tallinn.

It’s almost summer in Estonia and live poker is back in a huge way in Tallinn. The Coolbet Open features dozens of poker events highlighted by the Main Event with a buy-in of €550. All the Main Event satellites are over and done already but players can register and re-enter the entire day today and tomorrow – even the day after tomorrow before day 2 starts.

The Main Event has two starting flights and allows unlimited re-entries. Players start with 30,000 chips at 100/100 blinds (with a 100 big blind ante) and 45 minutes per level. The starting flights will play from 12:00 until roughly 20:30 and will end well before the money ranks have been reached.

Players will have plenty of opportunities to build a monster stack with late registration not only open throughout both opening flights but also can re-enter on Day 2 until late registration closes after the first blind level of the penultimate day.

The Main Event is expected to be massive with the tour on hiatus for 2 1/2 years. Whether it will be larger than the last record-breaking Coolbet Open when Ott Kaarli Toome defeated a field of 686 entries to win the €71,700 top prize in November 2019 will be known in a couple of days.

Ott Kaarli Toome

The Coolbet Open also features an illustrious selection of side events, including a €220 PLO event, a €330 5-Card-PLO event, a €165 8-Game event and a €1,100 Big Classic NLH Highroller. On Saturday there will also be a Coolbet Golf & Poker Championship at 9:00 in the morning.

Follow along with the action when the cards are in the air at 12 pm EEST.

Coolbet Open 2022 Schedule

May 235 p.m.€60 Mega Satellite to The €550 Coolbet Open Main Event
8 p.m.€20 Satellite to the €220 Coolbet Open Warm Up
May 242 p.m.€20 Satellite to the €220 Coolbet Open Warm Up
6 p.m.€220 Coolbet Open Warm Up
9 p.m.€60 Mega Satellite to The €550 Coolbet Open Main Event
May 2512 p.m.Coolbet Open €550 Main Event Day 1a
3 p.m.€220 Pot Limit Omaha
5 p.m.€20 Satellite to the Coolbet Open €330 Deep Stack Championship
9 p.m.Coolbet Open €330 Deep Stack Championship Day 1
11 p.m.€115 Wednesday Night NLH Hyper Turbo
May 2612 p.m.Coolbet Open €550 Main Event Day 1b
5 p.m.€15 One Hand Texas Hold’em Flips to €165 NLH
7 p.m.€165 NLH Single Re-Entry
9 p.m.€330 Pot Limit Omaha 4 & 5 Cards/ Round of Each Day 1
9 p.m.Coolbet Open €330 Deep Stack Championship Final Day
11 p.m.€115 Thursday Night NLH Hyper Turbo
May 2712 p.m.Coolbet Open €550 Main Event Day 2
3 p.m.One Hand Texas Hold’em Flips to Coolbet Open €440 Main Sweat
5 p.m.Coolbet Open €440 Main Sweat Day 1
7 p.m.€165 Coolbet Open 8 Game
9 p.m.€330 Pot Limit Omaha 4 & 5 Cards/ Round of Each Final Day
9 p.m.Coolbet Special €220 NLH
10 p.m.€330 PLO Day 1
11 p.m.€115 Friday Night NLH Hyper Turbo
May 289 a.m.Coolbet Golf & Poker Championships
12 p.m.Coolbet Open €550 Main Event Final Day
12 p.m.Coolbet Open €440 Main Sweat Final Day
12 p.m.€60 Satellite to The €1100 Coolbet Open NLH Big Classic
1 p.m.€330 PLO Final Day
2 p.m.€220 Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo
3 p.m.€1100 Coolbet NLH Big Classic
3 p.m.Coolbet Open €115 Ladies Only
5 p.m.€220 Open Face Chinese Pineapple
7 p.m.Coolbet Open €220 Bounty Hunter
9 p.m.€115 Pot Limit Omaha
May 291 p.m.€115 Hyper Turbo Version Of The Coolbet Open Main Event

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