Another one bites the bust

We spoke briefly to Simon Wilson, a very genuine and relaxed player from Ireland. He was already with The Festival Series at Brastislava, where he won a side event and he made it to the runner-up position of The HendonMob challenge. An event he won't be able to play today as he will be flying back tomorrow. Instead, he will go try to catch his second portrait here at The Festival Series in Nottingham, by playing the High Roller NLHE which starts at 14:00 GMT today. Already 12 players registered for that one.

Wilson, got busted out of Day 2 of the Main Event early today. He qualified himself through the turbo flight 1D yesterday, and he explained us he was a bit lucky just before the bubble play yesterday. But today he got unfortunate as the player in the small blind, Chris Cunliffe, put him at risk for all his remaining 15 big blinds. He was way ahead with [Ax][Qx] suited, but could not dodge a seven as his opponent had [Qx][7x]. He did cash however, and for sure we will see him back in the coverage during the High Roller event.

Simon Wilson
Simon WilsonBUSTED

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