Andrew Cutajar Eliminated in 4th Place (€35,000)

Level 32: 200,000/400,000 (400,000)
Entries: 3/1,326

Mirko Mostaccio opened for 800,000 from the button and was called by Luigi D'Alterio from the small blind and by Andrew Cutajar from the big blind. All three players checked the K 5 Q flop before fireworks erupted on the J turn.

Two players checked before Mostaccio fired out for 1,000,000. D'Alterio called before Cutajar jammed for 7,800,000. Mostaccio called and D'Alterio folded.

Andrew Cutajar: 10 9
Mirko Mostaccio: Q J

Cutajar was ahead but Mostaccio had outs for a full house and a flush. The full house was completed on the Q river and Cutajar was eliminated in fourth place for €35,000.

The floor has announced that after this blind level, the blind levels will be 30 minutes in length the rest of the way.

Mirko Mostaccio - 30 million
Andrew Cutajar - 0

Andrew Cutajar
Andrew Cutajar

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