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Question of the Day : – Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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In your six-max game online a regular raises to $6 in the cut-off and you three-bet to $18. A fish in the big blind cold-calls and the regular calls as well. The flop comes 3 5 8. Both opponents check. You bet $40. The fish calls and the regular folds. The turn comes A. The fish leads for $80 and you call. The river comes 4. He moves all-in for $60 and you call. He shows A 2.

What was the biggest mistake you made in this hand?

Correct Answer: The three-bet pre-flop

The pre-flop three-bet is by far the worst mistake in the hand. A pocket pair plays very well multi-way so don't three-bet it pre-flop and shut the fish out. Call and hope the fish comes along so you can stack him when you flop a set. Though he cold-called in this example, you can't often expect him to cold-call three-bets. Call with your good multi-way hands and encourage him to call behind.

  • The three-bet pre-flop (22%)
  • The turn smooth-call (68%)
  • The river call (10%)

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