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Question of the Day : No-Limit Hold'em – Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Your Hand
Small blind


Six-max game online. It’s folded to a regular on the button who raises to $6. Your read on him is he's a good player who is very aggressive: he can both three- and four-bet light and is aware that you can do the same. You’ve played together before and he knows you're a good, aggressive player as well. Small blind folds, you reraise to $20. He re-reraises to $45.

What should you do?

Correct Answer: Raise all-in

Your hand stands to be better than his range here a lot of the time. Because of the dynamic of two aggressive players, he can be four-betting you light because you know that he knows you could be three-betting light. Shoving is better than calling because you will be playing the pot out of position, and many overcards can hit the flop that will leave you confused. So just ship it in now.

  • Fold (6%)
  • Raise all-in (67%)
  • Call (27%)