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Washington Post Article Defends Online Poker as Skill Game

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14 January 2011
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We're always interested when poker gets attention in the mainstream media, especially when its being defended as a game of skill.

Michelle Minton ran this article in the Washington Post yesterday doing exactly that.

The article's definitely worth a read but if you're a reader of this blog chances are most of the content Minton covers will seem pretty obvious. That poker is a game of skill is an accepted fact to many of us but the general population is still very much undecided on that point.

In addition to Minton's opinion that poker was wrongly placed in the same category as other gambling activities, she points out that online poker is a viable way of making a living at a time when employment opportunities are limited.

She briefly introduces us to four Americans who use poker to help make ends meet. The examples run the gamet from college student to a middle-aged woman forced into early retirement due to illness.

Popular opinion is certainly coming around to our way of thinking and it's pieces like this that are pushing it further in the right direction.

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