The Proust Questionnaire: Gaëlle Baumann

Gaëlle Baumann has become one of the hottest players in poker since her epic run at the 2012 WSOP Main Event.

Finishing 10th to bubble the final table but edge out Elisabeth Hille for last woman standing, it's safe to say it changed Baumman's life considerably.

Since, the Winamax-sponsored pro has been traveling around the world, playing a lot of poker tournaments and finding herself in the media spotlight at every turn.

Get to Know Poker Pro Gaëlle Baumann

Our colleague at PokerListings France, Fred Guillemot, recently had a chance to sit down with Baumann and fire off a quick round of the always-popular Proust Questionnaire.

You can find information on what a Proust Questionnaire actually is by clicking here.

Gaelle Baumann
Gaëlle Baumann

If you were an animal, what would you be?

A cat. I like cats, and it must be nice being a cat.

If you were a country?

Australia, I love Australia.

If you were a city?

Perth, because I loved living there the most. I lived there for a year when I was a student. That's actually where I discovered poker.

Is that why it's your favorite city?

No, it's not. It's just because there's the beach, it's a nice city to live in, people there are nice... It's got everything.

If you were a poker tournament?

The WSOP, clearly.

The Main Event?

Yes, might as well be. 

Gaelle Baumann
The Queen of Hearts.

If you were a card?

The Queen of Hearts, obviously.

If you were a color?


If you were a famous man or woman?

This is tough…


If you were a movie?

Pulp Fiction.

If you were a sport?


Besides poker, what's your favorite addiction?

Parties. But now I guess everyone's going to think I'm a drunk! (laughs). It doesn’t matter, I assume it. (laughs)

Gaelle Baumann
Gaëlle Baumann loves to party.

If you were a fictional character?

Huckleberry Finn.

What's your favorite song?

Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits.

What's your favorite sound?

The sound of chips coming to me, against the felt. 

And the one you hate the most?

My alarm clock!

What's your favorite quality in a man?


And in a woman?


What's your main fault?

I'm too much of a perfectionist. 

Which fault do you find easiest to forgive?

People who are too nice.

What's your favorite word?

“Rouflaquette” (the French word for “sideburns”). I just like that word, it sounds funny, doesn’t it ?

And the one you hate the most?

I can only think of 4-letter words, so I'm going to censor myself! (laughs)

Gaelle Baummann
Gaëlle Baumann

What superpower would you like to have?

I can't choose between being invisible or able to fly. No, flying isn't good enough, I want to be invisible.

What's your biggest fear?

Being alone.

What do you hate the most?

People who can't admit they're wrong.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I would change many! But if I had to pick one... I would make myself more self-assured.

If you weren't a poker player, what job would you have liked to do?

Well, originally I was going for a career in the field of physics. So I guess becoming an astrophysicist would have been nice.

If God exists, what would you want him to tell you when you die?

I don't believe in God, but I'd like to hear that I've been “nice,” that I've led an exemplary life, even though that's not true at all! (laughs)

What would you like to be reborn as?

A plant would be nice, wouldn't it? (laughs)

I thought you'd go for a cat!

Yeah, an animal, why not... But maybe something that can fly. Like an eagle.

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