Texas Hold'em Strategy for Beginners

Essential Texas Holdem tips and pointers for beginner poker players. Learn the basics of solid Texas Holdem strategy including which starting hands to play, how to size your bets, when to raise and when to let your hand go!

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jonathan little

An In-Depth Guide to Creating & Identifying Ranges in NLHE

Competent hand analysis is one of the most essential parts of poker. It’s the foundation...

8 November 2017
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When to Fire a Second Barrel on the Turn: A Simple Guide

Have you ever been in a poker game, raised with a great hand, but hit...

27 September 2017

Daniel Negreanu 2015 WSOP Day 5 2

Daniel Negreanu’s 7 Golden Rules for Poker Beginners

If you had a chance to play your first major live tournament and you could...

9 May 2017 2
IMG 28

3 Poker Freeroll Strategies That Don't Work (& 1 That Does)

Wonder why you never win any of those poker freerolls you play? You're likely using...

6 March 2017

All the Monsters are Dead: A Poker Beginner's Guide to Scare Cards

A 'Scare Card' in poker is a card that changes the texture of the board...

10 December 2016 1
Chips BOM IMG 0044

Keep Your Powder Dry: 10 Things Babies Teach You About Poker

Every cloud has a silver lining. Having a newborn baby girl has turned me into...

26 November 2016

8 Critical Mistakes I Made When I Started Playing Poker

Playing too many tables. Treating every player the same. Not understanding basic math. Those are...

1 September 2016 5
Haralabos Voulgaris

10 Essential Texas Hold’em Moves: The Check-Raise

Today we teach you about the check-raise, a truly essential Texas Hold'em move.

14 August 2016 4


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