Zachary Hyman wins Wynn Classic

Zachary Hyman

The final table of the 2007 Wynn Classic Main Event was packed with big names, such as Johhny Chan, Mike Matusow, and Michael Mizrachi, but none of the superstars managed to defeat Zachary Hyman. After defeating Ted Lawson heads-up, Hyman walked away with $749,033 in prize money, and a trophy.

When the final table of the $10,000 No-Limit Hold'em tournament started, Zachary Hyman was third to last with $279,000 in chips, compared to leader Chris "The Canada Goose" Roos, who sat with $888,000.

Hyman, however, got to a flying start when he eliminated Chau Giang early on with pocket kings versus A-J. The two were all-in pre-flop and even though Giang flopped a pair of jacks, Hyman's cowboys held up all the way.

He then worked his way up the field thanks to some nice plays and bold bluffs, and finally only Ted Lawson was left to beat. Hyman took command of the heads-up match right away, and sealed the deal in a very spectacular hand:

When the board showed Qs-Th-9s-Qd-2c, Hyman moved all-in after both players had checked on the flop as well as the turn. Lawson called immediately and showed Q-5 for trip queens, but was beaten by Hyman who sat with Ks-Js. The king-high straight was enough for Hyman to win the 2007 Wynn Classic Main Event and $749,033.

Zachary Hyman won the tournament, but how did the aforementioned superstars do? Well, Johnny Chan was busted in eigth place, Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi in seventh, and Mike Matusow had to leave the final table in fifth.

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Final table results from the 2007 Wynn Classic Main Event:

1st Zachary Hyman $749,033
2nd Ted Lawson $384,120
3rd Chris Moore $192,060
4th Chris "The Canada Goose" Roos $103,712
5th Mike Matusow $76,824
6th Scott Fischman $57,618
7th Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi $48,015
8th Johnny Chan $38,412
9th Chau Giang $34,571

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