WSOP Prop Betting Overshadows Action in Stud Event

Mike Matusow
Matusow is hoping Ivey runs cold for the remainder of the WSOP.

There is so much prop betting going on in the $1.5k Seven Card Stud Hi-Low-8 or Better event that you wouldn’t even know there was a poker tournament going on.

Howard Lederer, Daniel Negreanu, Mike Matusow and David Williams are all sitting at the same table with loads of side action proposals going back and forth.

Mike Sexton, Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey are all at nearby tables and everyone seems to want a piece of the action.

Tom Dwan is giving Lederer 200:1 odds on $1k that Howard is able to win the stud event they are currently playing. Lederer nonchalantly tossed Dwan a $1k chip as though he was inconvenienced by having it in his pocket.

Matusow bet Lederer $10k that Phil Ivey will not make a final table in any of the remaining WSOP events. "You guys think it's so easy, you're living in fantasy land," said The Mouth.  

After hearing that, Mike Sexton came over and asked Matusow for some of the same Ivey action-so now, Matusow will be cheering against Ivey for the rest of the tournament based on two separate $10k bets.

Howard Lederer was telling everyone that of the 88 players selected in his home fantasy draft, not one person has won a bracelet this year. He was using that as a cautionary tale for those making bracelet bets.

Upon hearing that statistic, Negreanu said that he believes at least two bracelets will be won this year out of the Lederer League 88 players.

Matusow doesn't buy it. He bet another $10k with Kid Poker that those 88 players will walk with one bracelet or less, bringing his total side action booked in the last hour to $30k.

Perhaps the best part of the whole exchange was hearing Ivey's reaction to the news that Matusow was booking bets against him: "How are you going to collect on that, Howard?"

"It's only ten dimes, even if Mike goes broke between now and then I should be able to collect," Lederer replied.

"Bet $100k, show some heart," Ivey said flashing his trademark grin.

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